146.2...The Weekend in Review Plus An Anniversary

 Friday evening I went with my husband to his company’s event at the Del Mar Racetrack. 

IMG 3515

Michelle and I:

IMG 3506

I didn’t do any betting but I did enjoy the food!

IMG 3510

IMG 3511

IMG 3512

I love track season! So much fun!

Saturday morning I enjoyed my favorite breakfast before we left for Palm Desert. 

IMG 3519 

When we arrived, my brother picked up takeout from Manhattan in the Desert. I had a half kosher salami sandwich, cole slaw and side salad. 

IMG 3520

Dinner was at Fresh Agave…my favorite. My son and I shared the Carne Asada plate.

IMG 3523

Later that night, we went back to our hotel. 

Yesterday was an important day in our house….it was my husband and my 12 year wedding anniversary! We celebrated with some delicious room service for breakfast. 

IMG 3526

For lunch, it was an old favorite: Spaghetti Factory. I love their pesto salad dressing and bread!

IMG 3527

I ordered half meat sauce and half mizithra cheese sauce on my spaghetti.

IMG 3528

You gotta have spumoni for dessert!

IMG 3529

After lunch, we headed home. We were so full from lunch that we skipped dinner. 

Breakfast this morning:

IMG 3536

I went to spin class this morning and got a great workout in. I ran some errands and stopped at Subway for a turkey avocado sandwich for lunch.

IMG 3537

Tonight my husband and I will go out and celebrate our anniversary since it didn’t work out last night. Lol.

Did you enjoy some delicious food this past weekend?

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