145.8...Eating My Way Through Petco Park

Wednesday afternoon I needed a snack. I ate an early lunch and dinner would be late and I knew I’d never make it otherwise. Peanut butter on apple slices did the trick.

IMG 3571

After my son’s basketball game we went to Mia Francesca for dinner. I had a house salad and beef carpaccio with avocado.

IMG 3577

IMG 3578

I enjoyed both! The carpaccio was especially delicious.

Breakfast Thursday:

IMG 3579

I took my son to a golf lesson, then I went to an appointment. Lunch was at Zip Fusion Sushi. Salmon, Tuna and Yellowtail Sushi:

IMG 3581

Manhattan Roll (spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, gobo with yellowtail on top):

IMG 3582

Later that night, Alicia and I went to Petco Park for the baseball game and to support Lisa’s daughter’s dance troupe, Sassafras. They performed outside the Park before the game. 

I’m not the biggest baseball fan but I am a fan of food. There was a lot of good food to be enjoyed at the Park. Where to begin? This giant bottle of Cholula was calling our name:

IMG 3585

We had to put it on something!

IMG 3586

Perfect. Carne asada tacos! I need to get myself that giant bottle of Cholula. I want to pump it all over my food. 

Lauren, Alicia and I:

IMG 3593

Diana and I:

IMG 3594

We watched the game for a bit but had a better idea:

IMG 3595

Hodad’s! I had never been! We all shared onion rings and fries:

IMG 3596

I ordered the Single Cheeseburger:

IMG 3597

Delicious! Now we want to go to the original Hodad’s soon!!! 

And that’s the way I do Petco Park. :)

Breakfast this morning:

IMG 3598

I went to Zumba class then came home to pack up. We are going away for the weekend to celebrate a belated Father’s Day. My kids were at camp during Father’s Day so we decided to postpone it to this weekend.

Lunch was a turkey avocado sandwich with a salad. 

IMG 3599

Have a great weekend! 

What are your favorite treats at the ballpark?

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