148.8...Las Vegas Fight Weekend

How is it Monday already? Our trip to Vegas came and went in a flash. We left Friday after lunch. We stopped at Luna Grill before heading to the airport.  

IMG 1894

We met up with the rest of our friends and check into the Hard Rock Hotel. Friday night we went to Nobu for dinner. 

IMG 1912

I enjoyed some Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño:

IMG 1915

Nobu Crispy Rice with Big Eye Tuna:

IMG 1916

Rock Shrimp Creamy Spicy:

IMG 1917

After our delicious meal, we spent the rest of the evening at the tables doing a bit of gambling. That’s what Las Vegas is all about, right!?!

Hours later, we realized we were hungry again and went over to Lucky 7 for dinner number two, I guess. I ordered a patty melt with onion rings. 

IMG 1919

There is nothing like late night greasy food. 

Breakfast Saturday morning was in the room. 

IMG 1920

Then it was off to the pool!

IMG 1924

For lunch I ordered fish tacos.

IMG 1935


IMG 1937

IMG 1941

IMG 1943

Later that afternoon, Justin Bieber made an appearance at the pool.

IMG 1946

IMG 1953

He danced around with his pants falling off for awhile, lip-synced to one of his songs for about 30 seconds, sprayed some champagne in the crowd and that was about it. I felt old. 

Then it was off to the main event, the Mayweather/Pacquiao boxing fight!

IMG 1963

IMG 1965

IMG 1969

IMG 1971

IMG 1973

IMG 1974

The fight was boring, Mayweather won (really looked like Pacquiao won from what we could see) but we had a blast anyway! Eventually we made it back to our hotel and went to Pink Taco for dinner. I had a fish taco, steak taco and carnitas taco:

IMG 1975

Eh. Not impressed. After dinner, we went straight to bed.

Breakfast yesterday was a toasted bagel, lox and all the fixings. 

IMG 1976 

We packed up and headed to the Las Vegas airport. We stopped in one of the restaurants for lunch. I had fish tacos. Guess I’m on a fish taco kick.

IMG 1977

We made it home finally. There was no way I was cooking last night so we went to Claim Jumper for dinner. I just wanted the salad bar. 

IMG 1979

And now it’s Monday. Back to the normal routine. Honey Nut Cheerios and almond milk for breakfast. 

IMG 1980 

I took the kids to school, then went to spin class. Here’s to a good week!

Did you watch the fight? Who did you think won? 

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