143.8…Lovely Lunch

Sunday night I finished the last of the World's Best Lasagna along with a Caesar salad. I was sad to see it go.

IMG 8786

Yesterday's breakfast was scrambled egg beaters and tomatoes mixed with Goat Cheese Torta with Garden Pesto.

IMG 8791

After I took the kids to school, I went to my favorite workout class, Cardio Muscle. Afterwards, I quickly changed and ran some errands. Then I meet some moms from our school at Mia Francesca to celebrate our recent successful fundraiser. 

We ordered a couple of things to share to start off with. 

Lenticchie e Spinaci (warm lentils with sautéed spinach and goat cheese):

IMG 8793

This is something I've never had before there. I LOVED it. Delicious!

My usual favorite, Bruschette all Romana (garlic toast with tomato, basil, mozzarella and olive oil):

IMG 8794

For my entree, I ordered the Pollo Limone (chicken breast with sautéed spinach and a lemon caper sauce):

IMG 8795

If I had been alone, I would have licked the plate clean. I love any kind of lemon caper sauce and this one was outstanding.

Dessert was pretty sensational as well:

IMG 8796

Warm chocolate chip cookie in a skillet with vanilla ice cream. I wish all lunches could be this good.

I picked up the kids from school, took them for flu shots, then off to my sister in law's to celebrate my niece's birthday. She picked up Sammy's Woodfired Pizza for dinner. I had my favorite Chopped Chicken Salad along with a veggie pizza. 

IMG 8797

Dessert was delicious ice cream birthday cake:

IMG 8798

Breakfast this morning was Honey Nut Cheerios with almond milk. 

IMG 8799

There's no school today (Happy Veteran's Day!) so this morning was a little more chill than usual. I went to spin class and that was about it.

Lunch was a turkey sandwich with the rest of the Goat Cheese Torta with Garden Pesto (sad it's gone!!) and a Caesar salad.

IMG 8800

Tonight is Bunco! Yeah!!

Did you have the day off?

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  1. Is Bunco night the same night as chicken wing night? I can't remember! Nope, had to work. When I worked downtown at a law firm and the courts were closed, so would our office - no such luck now!

  2. @biz319
    Nope...they are separate nights. :)


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