140.8…Trying To Behave

We took the kids to decorate Easter eggs at our club last night. They had tons of pizza for the kids. I have a very little control around pizza. Somehow I managed to have only one piece. 

IMG 6399

I decided to order my own salad which also helped.

IMG 6400

This morning's breakfast was Honey Nut Cheerios.

IMG 6402

We took Arnold to puppy class then came home for a bit. Lunch was at Souplantation before my son's basketball game.

IMG 6403

Souplantation has this pizza bread that I think is amazing. Again, I behaved myself mostly…I only had one piece. 

My son won his basketball game. Yeah!!!! Tonight we have nothing on the agenda. I think I'll do some relaxing and baking. Enjoy your weekend!

What food do you have a hard time behaving yourself around?

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