144.8…On The Prowl

Last night’s Bunco was unlike most Buncos. Lisa hosted it….and when she hosts something, there’s always a theme and it’s always BIG. Last night was no exception. Welcome to Cougarpalooza 2013!

August 2013 080

There was one rule: you had to wear animal print. 

August 2013 072

Oh yeah….and have a Jell-O shot when you came through the front door.

There were tons of appetizers and desserts out.

August 2013 069

August 2013 070

Dinner was catered by Luna Grill and I had a huge plate of their “crack chicken”, rice, pita and tzatiki which I failed to photograph. I did get great shots of everyone in the cougar-gear though!

August 2013 082

August 2013 084 August 2013 086

August 2013 067

August 2013 096

Forgot about the other rule: bring a framed picture of your favorite “hottie.”

August 2013 092

August 2013 105

August 2013 115 August 2013 173

August 2013 091

August 2013 113

August 2013 116

August 2013 132

Of course it went by way too fast! This was definitely a “Bunco” to go down in the memory books!

Breakfast this morning was cut into two parts. Part one was right before I went to the gym:

August 2013 064

Grapefruit. I didn’t want to work out on a full stomach so I saved the second part until afterwards.

August 2013 065

Core Foods Defender Meal bar in Raw Cashew Cacao. Core Foods sent me some samples awhile back and I had this one in the freezer. Verdict? It sucked. It was way too bitter. I ate half and through the rest away.

I went to a meeting at the school and then stopped at Chipotle for lunch. I was starving and wolfed down my entire chicken bowl. I love Chipotle!

August 2013 066

Tonight we are off to a friend’s birthday dinner. More food…..

Are you a fan of the animal print clothing trend?


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