Friday, December 28, 2012

138.6…Bon Voyage

Tomorrow the family and I are leaving for a Caribbean cruise followed by attending the BCS game in Miami. Since I will be without internet on the cruise, this will be my last post for awhile. Try not to cry.

Yesterday’s lunch was a tuna sandwich.

December 2012 345

Since we are leaving soon, there’s not a ton of food in the fridge. Slim pickings, I tell ya.

Last night we went over to Alicia and Joe’s for dinner. They had there whole family there and had El Nopalito cater dinner.

December 2012 341

Their chips are seriously the best chips ever. Ever.

December 2012 342

Check out the spread!

December 2012 343

I had one beef taco and one carnitas taco:

December 2012 344

This was followed by a third beef taco. I almost went for the fourth but I stopped myself. It’s that good.

This morning’s breakfast was an egg sandwich on toast with avocado.

December 2012 346

Ran out of English muffins. The toast version did the trick, though.

Today was spent packing and getting ready for our trip. Lunch was another tuna sandwich along with carrots and ranch dressing.

December 2012 347

I hope you have a very happy New Year! See you next year!

Any New Year’s resolutions planned?

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

138.2…Packing On The Holiday LBs!

I was wondering when all these fabulous holiday eats would catch up with the scale. Ah ha! Here the are!

Christmas Eve dinner at my parent’s house rocked. My sister in law made dinner and it was amazing.

Salad….I ate two full bowls.

December 2012 304

Her homemade pasta and meatballs:

December 2012 305

My favorite sauce ever. Ever.

After dinner, I went out to BJ’s with my brother and sister in law to grab a drink with some of their friends.

December 2012 308

We also ended up with some hot wings late night too.

December 2012 309

No where as good as mine.

We started Christmas morning in the most excellent way.

December 2012 325

Holiday mimosas! Whoop whoop!

My brother made his famous “spicy eggs”:

December 2012 327

I look forward to these each year.

Bacon doesn’t hurt either….

December 2012 331

Another thing I look forward to are the orange rolls….

December 2012 328

….and cinnamon rolls.

December 2012 332

Breakfast of champions:

December 2012 333

Then it was time to really get down to business….Open Presents!!

December 2012 335

During the day we snacked on veggies, chips and dip. Eventually it was time to get dinner going….

December 2012 340

Prime rib and baked potatoes! 

Then it was time to pack up and head back to San Diego. I can’t believe how fast the holiday went!

Yesterday morning’s breakfast was an egg beater sandwich on a toasted English muffin with cheese and avocado. I’m loving the addition of avocado to this sandwich!

December 2012 310

I took the kids to get hair cuts and then met my husband at Olive Garden for lunch. I ordered the soup and salad combo.

December 2012 313

December 2012 314

The soup’s just ok. I really order it just for the salad.

I had a free meal for my birthday at Benihana so that’s where we went for dinner. I hadn’t be in SO long!

December 2012 315

Vino. ;)


December 2012 316

Salad with Ginger Dressing:

December 2012 317

I ordered the Hibachi Steak and Shrimp with fried rice.

December 2012 318

I forgot how much I loved Benihana! And a free meal doesn’t hurt either! I wasn’t all bad…I skipped the free ice cream. :)

This morning I got to try out a funny little pan I got for Christmas.

December 2012 319

It makes the perfect size egg for my egg sandwiches!

December 2012 320

What was the best gift you received for Christmas? 

Monday, December 24, 2012

135.4…Tis The Season

Tis the season for a ton of unhealthy eats! They are so hard to avoid this time of year! I’ve done a great job the last few days not trying to avoid them. :)

Friday night, we dropped the kids off at my sister in law’s house and went to Flemming’s for dinner.

December 2012 299

I enjoyed a delicious wedge salad. One of my favorite salads….ever.

December 2012 300

My husband and I split a filet mignon.

December 2012 284

As well as two sides: creamed spinach and Flemming’s potatoes:

December 2012 285

Of course there was dessert!

December 2012 286

Chocolate lava cake. They make an excellent one there! More lava than cake.

We had another hotel certificate at The Lodge at Torrey Pines expiring so we cashed it in. :)

Breakfast was granola, yogurt and berries.

December 2012 287

Homemade granola that was awesome!

My husband picked up the kids and brought them back to the hotel. We hung out for a bit and had lunch at the golf restaurant. I had a cheeseburger and salad.

December 2012 288

Don’t confuse the salad with me trying to be healthy. I shared onion rings with the hubby too. :)

December 2012 289

Yes, I like to dip them in ranch dressing.

We were supposed to meet some friends at Villa Capri 2 for dinner but one of their family members became ill so we went without them.

We shared a Caesar salad to start. They make the best Caesar salad ever!

December 2012 290

We split the chicken piccata:

December 2012 291

As well as the rigatoni bolognese:

December 2012 292

Everything was outstanding.  We really enjoy this restaurant. It’s located in a strip mall and doesn’t seem like it would be very good but it is! They make excellent Italian food.

Yesterday morning’s breakfast was my normal egg beater sandwich but with a twist. I added avocado to it. Excellent addition.

December 2012 293

We all loaded in the car and drove to Los Angeles to visit with my parents for Christmas. On the way, we picked up Taco Bell for lunch.

December 2012 294

Bean & cheese burrito with extra onions and a taco supreme. Old school awesomeness. 

We hung out, drank wine and picked up Hamburger Hamlet for dinner. I’m not sure how it happened but I didn’t take a picture of it. I had lobster bisque (theirs is fabulous) and a wedge salad (I’m obsessed).

We celebrated my birthday and my dad’s (I was born on his birthday) with some delicious chocolate cake. My favorite!

December 2012 296

I stayed with my parents last night while the kiddos and the hubby went to a hotel. I met them there this morning for breakfast.

December 2012 297

I think this was the perfect way to start the day!

We picked up my sister in law from my brother’s office and came back to my parent’s house.

Lunch was El Pollo Loco.

December 2012 298

Tonight my sister in law is making her famous pasta and meatballs. I can’t wait! A home-cooked meal will be a nice change of pace. :)

Have you been eating out a lot lately?

Friday, December 21, 2012

135.4…Holiday Parties. Check.

Time seems to be flying. Days are passing in a blink of an eye. The holidays are approaching faster than a freight train. Fortunately, I think I’m now ready for them!

Tuesday night’s dinner was an easy family favorite. Pizza and salad.

December 2012 281

Pillsbury pizza dough, Trader Joe’s sauce, some veggies and voila. Pizza done.

Wednesday’s breakfast was Cascadian Farms granola and Trader Joe’s vanilla Greek yogurt. I was out of fruit. Oh well.

December 2012 282

I took the kids to school and came back home to meet a repairman. Since I was stuck at home, I made a quick lunch of a turkey sandwich, tortilla chips and the rest of the Bruschetta Dip with Avocado. That stuff rocks.

December 2012 283

That evening, a bunch of my friends met at Fashion Valley mall for dinner and a benefit at the C Wonder store. We met at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.

December 2012 271

I ordered one of my favorite salad: Chopped Italian.

December 2012 272

Next up was the benefit that support spine research at C Wonder store.

December 2012 274

December 2012 273

We had a great time shopping for a great cause!

Thursday morning’s breakfast was an egg beater sandwich on a toasted English muffin with Swiss cheese.

December 2012 275

I got my nails done and met the girls for lunch at Wahoo’s.

December 2012 276

Same place, same tacos.

Recently a friend won a private shopping event for a few friends at TRE Boutique and she invited me. We enjoyed some wine, cheese and a whole lot of shopping. We worked up an appetite so we walked over to The Counter for dinner. I had never been and was excited to try it. It’s a burger place where you build your own burger by checking off items that you want from the menu.

I started with onion strings…..

December 2012 277

And moved onto a delicious burger with horseradish cheddar cheese, tomatoes, red onion, lettuce and Russian dressing.

December 2012 278

It was good but not as good as our club’s burger night. :)

After last night’s event ended so did all my holiday parties for the month. As much as I enjoy all the festivities, I ready to relax and enjoy the rest of the holiday season with my family. We are going to spend Christmas with my parents and then take a family cruise to the Caribbean. I cannot wait to put my feet up and do nothing!

I was uninspired for breakfast this morning.

December 2012 279

English muffin with butter and honey. Oh well. It tasted good, at least.

I took the kids to school and came home to get some packing and laundry done. Guess what I had for lunch today?

December 2012 280

Big surprise, huh?

What are your plans for the holidays?