137.4…Birthday Celebrations

It’s been back to back celebrations over the past few days. While I love this time of year, it can be exhausting! :)

Wednesday night I went out to dinner with my friends to celebrate my birthday…which is TODAY, by the way!

December 2012 155

We went to Mia Francesca and when we arrived, there were two bottles of champagne at our table from my awesome husband. What a perfect way to start the party!

December 2012 173

December 2012 174

December 2012 175

December 2012 176

December 2012 177

December 2012 178

The bruschetta at Mia Francesca is amazing. I always have to order it.

December 2012 179

The main courses there change quite frequently. I never see the same things on the menu twice. This time I chose a conchigle pasta with ham, onions, mozzarella cheese in a creamy tomato basil sauce.

December 2012 180

A plate of awesomeness. 

Our server brought Limoncellos for the table!

December 2012 182

Round two of the celebration was at Lisa’s house after dinner. Check out the leopard print “M” cake she made for me!!!

December 2012 198

We enjoyed cake and opened presents. I felt so spoiled!

December 2012 200

December 2012 225

December 2012 229

Thank you everyone for an amazing evening!!

Thursday morning’s breakfast was a fried egg sandwich.

December 2012 157

Lisa needed help with a photo shoot in Los Angeles so I agreed to help her. We stopped at Jersey Mikes along the way for lunch.

December 2012 158

Italian sub with everything. The best.

I didn’t take photos the rest of the day since I was busy helping. It was raining and took forever to get home. Let’s just say I was quite tired Friday morning. All I could muster up for breakfast was toast.

December 2012 160

I took the kids to school, went to a couple of appointments and then stopped at Jersey Mikes again for lunch. I have issues.

December 2012 161

I did some holiday shopping and then picked up the kids from school.

Then it was time to get ready for yet another party. This one was a holiday party for our friend’s company. It was held at Paradise Point.

Dinner was a buffet and I loaded my plate up.

December 2012 162

The lobster bisque was out of this world. I went back for a second cup.

Dessert was another fabulous buffet. I chose some chocolate cake and pecan pie.

December 2012 163

We danced for a bit and called it a night.

Saturday I got to sleep in. Yeah!!! Breakfast was scrambled egg beaters, salsa and shredded cheddar cheese.

December 2012 164

I took my son to his tennis lesson and then my husband took the kids to my sister in law’s house so I could finish wrapping gifts. I took a quick lunch break with some Wahoo’s fish tacos to go.

December 2012 165

We dropped the kid’s off at Alicia & Joe’s and went to Rancho Valencia hotel for the night. We won the trip in an auction and thought my birthday would be the perfect time to use it.

Dinner at their restaurant, Veladora, was included in our stay. For my appetizer,  I went with the Beef Tartare & Carpaccio Roll.

December 2012 166

Roasted & marinated wild mushrooms, lemon & caper aioli, wild cress & arugula, cornichons and pecorino. It was delicious.

For my entree, I chose the Main Lobster Spaghettini.

December 2012 167

Tomato concasse, toasted garlic, fresh basil and white wine. Another winner.

Last, but certainly not least, was dessert.

December 2012 168

Chocolate soufflé. Oh yeah. It was as good as it looks. 

This morning the delicious eats continued for my birthday breakfast.

December 2012 169

Breakfast burrito. And they had Cholula. I was in love.

Tonight is a neighborhood holiday party at Dina’s house. I’m trying to convince her to make it my birthday party. We’ll see….

Do you like to make your birthday a monthly event (like me!) or would you rather it go away quietly? :)


  1. Happy belated birthday! Our birthday month is March - my birthday (and my twin!), my daughter, nephew and niece all have birthdays, so I like to drag it out a whole month!

    Lot's of good eats as usual!

  2. Okay, so now it's MY birthday month! Can you say "PAR-TAY?!!!" It never ends, does it?! Glaad you liked the cake...not the prettiest, but soooo delicious!


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