135.8…Really Behind

That basically says it. I’m behind. The holidays are fast approaching and have taken over my life. Gift buying, gift wrapping, holiday functions, school functions have all taken over over. I haven’t blogged in forever! Enough whining, let’s get caught up!

Sunday night was our club’s Holiday Party. My husband was out of town so I went solo. No worries though, I had plenty of good friends to hang with.

December 2012 011

December 2012 010

I always enjoy the buffet dinner at this event.

December 2012 008

Prime rib, veggies, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy.

Don’t forget dessert! I didn’t!

December 2012 009

A bit of everything: German chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, bread pudding, apple pie and pecan pie (the best one!).

Monday morning’s breakfast was Trader Joe’s Greek vanilla yogurt, Coconut-Sour Cherry Granola, strawberries and blackberries.

December 2012 012

I took the kids to school and drove to Los Angeles to visit with my dad. My mom and I ran some errands at Nordstrom and picked up lunch to bring home. I had the tuna and avocado sandwich with a side salad.

December 2012 013

My brother and his wife came over for dinner and they picked up El Pollo Loco.

December 2012 014

My standard fare: 2 piece chicken, cole slaw and tortillas.

My brother and I really like sauces and condiments. A lot.

December 2012 015

I think there were only 2 or 3 containers not consumed. Yeah, we have issues.

Tuesday morning’s breakfast was toast with butter and pineapple.

December 2012 016

I drove back to San Diego, got my hair done and met Lisa for lunch at Wahoo’s.

December 2012 017

Two fabulous fish tacos.

For dinner, I made pizza and salad. A family favorite.

November 2012 142

Wednesday’s breakfast was a piece of Pumpkin Bread. I didn’t want to eat a ton because I had a tea to attend later in the morning.

December 2012 018

Lisa and I attended The Country Friend’s Holiday Tea. Country Friends is a charity group that we belong too. They choose a different charity each year and we attend the holiday tea. It is always for a great cause and I enjoy the little tea sandwiches too. :)

December 2012 019

Yes I went back for seconds. Duh.

December 2012 020


After the tea, we did some massive errand running. I came home to unload my car and then picked up the kids from school. We had an event there for my daughter in about an hour so we went to an early dinner at Souplantation.

December 2012 021

Thursday’s breakfast was Trader Joe’s Greek vanilla yogurt, the last of the Coconut-Sour Cherry Granola and mixed berries. I need to make more granola! If only I had the time!

December 2012 022

I went to a doctor appointment, then Rubio’s for lunch. I had a lobster burrito.

December 2012 023

It was just ok. I like Wahoo’s so much better.

After lunch, it was more errand running and then picked up the kids from school, changed quickly and went to our club’s Ladies Night. The theme was flower arrangement.

December 2012 026

At first, I was like “Huh?” I really don’t care to ever arrange flowers. I’m not creative at all. I really just came for the wine and food. Let’s be real.

December 2012 025

December 2012 024

But…I actually enjoyed myself and had a great time completing my arrangement!

December 2012 029

December 2012 030

Not too shabby, eh?

Friday morning’s breakfast was an egg beater sandwich on an English muffin with Swiss cheese.

December 2012 032

I took the kids to school and then Lisa took me to my doctor appointment for my foot. Guess what!?!

December 2012 042

I’m 85% healed and don’t need to wear the boot anymore! Hurray for matching shoes!!

December 2012 043

Lisa and I went to celebrate at Wahoo’s for lunch.

December 2012 033

It happened to be the manager’s birthday and everyone sang to him. Since we are regulars (aka Wahoo’s celebrities), they were nice enough to give us some cake!

December 2012 034

Birthday cake! mmmm!

After lunch, I wrapped gifts and picked up the kids from school.

Last night was my husband’s company’s holiday party. I will share pictures from that soon. Right now I’m at the airport getting ready for our flight to Las Vegas! It’s fight night tonight…..Pacquiao vs Marquez. We are going with Alicia and Joe…..I can’t wait!

Are you feeling behind this holiday season?


  1. Can I trade lives for you for just a week?

    My week - work, work, cook, clean, work, drink a glass of wine, work, laundry, sleep. :(

    Have fun at the fight!


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