135.4…Tis The Season

Tis the season for a ton of unhealthy eats! They are so hard to avoid this time of year! I’ve done a great job the last few days not trying to avoid them. :)

Friday night, we dropped the kids off at my sister in law’s house and went to Flemming’s for dinner.

December 2012 299

I enjoyed a delicious wedge salad. One of my favorite salads….ever.

December 2012 300

My husband and I split a filet mignon.

December 2012 284

As well as two sides: creamed spinach and Flemming’s potatoes:

December 2012 285

Of course there was dessert!

December 2012 286

Chocolate lava cake. They make an excellent one there! More lava than cake.

We had another hotel certificate at The Lodge at Torrey Pines expiring so we cashed it in. :)

Breakfast was granola, yogurt and berries.

December 2012 287

Homemade granola that was awesome!

My husband picked up the kids and brought them back to the hotel. We hung out for a bit and had lunch at the golf restaurant. I had a cheeseburger and salad.

December 2012 288

Don’t confuse the salad with me trying to be healthy. I shared onion rings with the hubby too. :)

December 2012 289

Yes, I like to dip them in ranch dressing.

We were supposed to meet some friends at Villa Capri 2 for dinner but one of their family members became ill so we went without them.

We shared a Caesar salad to start. They make the best Caesar salad ever!

December 2012 290

We split the chicken piccata:

December 2012 291

As well as the rigatoni bolognese:

December 2012 292

Everything was outstanding.  We really enjoy this restaurant. It’s located in a strip mall and doesn’t seem like it would be very good but it is! They make excellent Italian food.

Yesterday morning’s breakfast was my normal egg beater sandwich but with a twist. I added avocado to it. Excellent addition.

December 2012 293

We all loaded in the car and drove to Los Angeles to visit with my parents for Christmas. On the way, we picked up Taco Bell for lunch.

December 2012 294

Bean & cheese burrito with extra onions and a taco supreme. Old school awesomeness. 

We hung out, drank wine and picked up Hamburger Hamlet for dinner. I’m not sure how it happened but I didn’t take a picture of it. I had lobster bisque (theirs is fabulous) and a wedge salad (I’m obsessed).

We celebrated my birthday and my dad’s (I was born on his birthday) with some delicious chocolate cake. My favorite!

December 2012 296

I stayed with my parents last night while the kiddos and the hubby went to a hotel. I met them there this morning for breakfast.

December 2012 297

I think this was the perfect way to start the day!

We picked up my sister in law from my brother’s office and came back to my parent’s house.

Lunch was El Pollo Loco.

December 2012 298

Tonight my sister in law is making her famous pasta and meatballs. I can’t wait! A home-cooked meal will be a nice change of pace. :)

Have you been eating out a lot lately?


  1. You have eaten out more in the last two weeks than I think I have all year! You know I don't like onions, but onion rings get the green light - especially dipped in ranch dressing!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. @mybizzykitchen.com
    Too funny! Eating out is starting to get very old....

  3. Yeah, the holidays can get crazy. I like eating in much more, lately.


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