138.6…Bon Voyage

Tomorrow the family and I are leaving for a Caribbean cruise followed by attending the BCS game in Miami. Since I will be without internet on the cruise, this will be my last post for awhile. Try not to cry.

Yesterday’s lunch was a tuna sandwich.

December 2012 345

Since we are leaving soon, there’s not a ton of food in the fridge. Slim pickings, I tell ya.

Last night we went over to Alicia and Joe’s for dinner. They had there whole family there and had El Nopalito cater dinner.

December 2012 341

Their chips are seriously the best chips ever. Ever.

December 2012 342

Check out the spread!

December 2012 343

I had one beef taco and one carnitas taco:

December 2012 344

This was followed by a third beef taco. I almost went for the fourth but I stopped myself. It’s that good.

This morning’s breakfast was an egg sandwich on toast with avocado.

December 2012 346

Ran out of English muffins. The toast version did the trick, though.

Today was spent packing and getting ready for our trip. Lunch was another tuna sandwich along with carrots and ranch dressing.

December 2012 347

I hope you have a very happy New Year! See you next year!

Any New Year’s resolutions planned?

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