148.6...Cabo, Una Vez Mas

I can’t believe how far behind I am in posting! Life just gets in the way!! 

Rewind to Tuesday, March 13th. I was in the mood for sushi so I stopped at Ototo Sushi for lunch. Ninja Roll:

IMG 9324


IMG 9326

I ran a bunch of errands and took my son to his Bar Mitzvah tutor. That evening I went over to Pamela’s house for St. Patrick’s Day Bunco. We enjoyed tons of Irish delights!

IMG 9327

IMG 9402

Fun night! Thanks Pamela!

Wednesday, March 14th I was up super early to get dressed and finished packing for our flight to Cabo. Yes, we were just there. This time it was my husband’s company’s annual President’s Club trip.

I didn’t feel like eggs that early so I opted for toast with peanut butter. 

IMG 9321

I guess I was half asleep because I almost forgot to take a picture of it!

We finally arrived in Cabo and checked into our room at Secrets, an all-inclusive resort. There were some snacks where I checked in, so I helped myself. 

IMG 9332

Later on I met some friends at one of the restaurants there for lunch. Fish tacos:

IMG 9334

I went back to my room to enjoy the view and get ready for our cocktail hour. 

IMG 9345

IMG 9349

IMG 9358


IMG 9357

 Some of us went to dinner at Himitsu, their Japanese restaurant. We opted for a teppanyaki table. 

Spicy ramen soup:

IMG 9351

Sushi appetizer: 

IMG 9354

Steak, tuna and fried rice:

IMG 9355

Fried ice cream for dessert:

IMG 9356

The food was just eh but our chef was fabulous. He put on a great show letting us all participate. After dinner, it was time for bed. 

Thursday morning I slept in and ordered room service for breakfast. 

IMG 9359

Then it was time to hit the pool for the day!

IMG 9370

Fish tacos again for lunch!

IMG 9361

That evening we went to El Patio, their Mexican restaurant. I split a Caesar salad with my husband. 

IMG 9362

Then I had the Tortilla Soup:

IMG 9364

Churros and lava cake  for dessert! 

IMG 9365

IMG 9366

Food was eh again but we had a great time!

IMG 9367

Friday I went to the breakfast buffet which I had heard was good. It was!

IMG 9373

IMG 9374

The French toast was outstanding!

We hung out by the pool (I snacked on some chips and guacamole) then the whole group gathered to head for an evening of sailing, followed by dinner and dancing out in Cabo.

IMG 9382

IMG 9404

IMG 9415

We had dinner at La Golondrina. Our meals started with a tostada:

IMG 9377

Followed by a bean soup:

IMG 9378

I had the sea bass which came with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. 

IMG 9379

I actually like the sides better than the fish. 

Next up: Mandala Nightclub! 

IMG 9384

We stayed out pretty late so we slept in a bit on Saturday. Breakfast buffet again!

IMG 9380

IMG 9381

A group of us headed over to the Vidanta Hotel to go to the Omnia day club for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The hotel itself was gorgeous!! Omnia was a blast!

IMG 9385

We had a bunch of great food for lunch. Their food there was fabulous! 

IMG 9387

IMG 9397

IMG 5170

IMG 9401

IMG 9410

IMG 9412

We headed back to Secrets in time for our dinner at Portofino, their Italian restaurant. My husband and I shared the Caprese salad:

IMG 9398

 I had the Beef Carpaccio: 

IMG 9399

Then the Spaghetti Carbonara:

IMG 9400

Best meal of the whole trip. I wish we had gone there sooner!

Sunday morning we got packed up and had our last breakfast buffet:

IMG 9403

We flew home and headed to Burger Night at our club for dinner. 

IMG 9416

Beef burger, lettuce wrapped with onions, tomatoes, chipotle aioli and their fabulous onion rings.

 Monday’s breakfast:

IMG 9417

I took the kids to school, then met with my trainer. Somehow I survived the workout. 

I ran some errands and stopped at Green Spot Salad Company for lunch. They changed their menu and didn’t have the normal ahi bowl that I usually get so I opted for a similar one: Pacific Ahi Bowl:

IMG 9418

It was pretty good! 

That evening I wasn’t inspired to be creative so it was my go-to for dinner. Spaghetti and salad. 

IMG 9421

IMG 9422

Tuesday’s breakfast:

IMG 9423

 After I took the kids to school, I went to spin class. I came home to attack my inbox and get stuff organized. Lunch was a tuna melt and pickles:

IMG 9427

I took my son to Bar Mitzvah tutoring and then I was off to my book club that night at Carly’s house. She had an insane spread of food out.

IMG 9429

IMG 9430

IMG 9431

Everything was so delicious!! 

Wednesday’s breakfast: 

IMG 9432

Took the kids to school, then went to Orange Theory where I got my butt kicked. I ran errands all over town it felt like, stopping at Urban Plates for lunch. I opted for the Cobb salad this time:

IMG 9433


Dinner was spaghetti leftovers:

IMG 9436

Thursday’s breakfast: 

IMG 9437

I dropped the kids off, then went to yoga. Then I went to a meeting, got my nails done. Lunch was a Grilled Chicken Greek salad at Marketplace Grill. 

IMG 9438

For dinner, I made Amazing Salmon, Trader Joe’s rice pilaf and steamed veggies. 

IMG 9439

Yesterday’s breakfast:

IMG 9440

After I dropped off the kids at school, I went to a meeting, then the gym for some treadmill time. I ran errands and met Alicia at Ototo Sushi for lunch.

IMG 9441

IMG 9442

IMG 9443

IMG 9444

The best!

Last night we went over to Asaf and Yamia’s house for a Shabbat Dinner celebrating their son Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah this weekend. There was an awesome spread of Israeli food for dinner and a fabulous dessert buffet. I put my phone away for the night but I assure you, it was delicious. 

Breakfast this morning:

IMG 9446

My daughter made waffles so I had to try some. :)

IMG 9447

Then we went to Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah services. There was a luncheon afterwards. Tonight, it’s time to party with Nathan! 

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