149.6...Partying Like It's My Birthday

The night before we left for Cabo, I reheated the leftovers from dinner at Piacere Mio.

IMG E9168

We were up bright and early for our 7:00AM flight to Cabo on Thursday, March 1st. I had some toast with peanut butter for breakfast.

IMG E9169

We arrived in beautiful Cabo and headed to Cabo Surf Hotel for our fun weekend! It was my husband’s fraternity reunion but we planned it almost identically to my 40th birthday last year, complete with some of my best friends. 

IMG E9187

We headed straight for lunch. I wasn’t super hungry (I had a breakfast burrito on the plane) but I couldn’t resist some guacamole and chips. 

IMG E9188

I had decided to pretend that we were celebrating my birthday again which was made easier by the hotel thinking it really was my birthday! They had this fabulous spread in my room!

IMG E9189

We put our bathing suits on, headed to the pool and welcomed the rest of our group as they arrived. 

IMG E9194

Our first night kicked off on the beach with a cocktail hour complete with mariachis.

IMG E9192

Dinner was a taco buffet.

IMG E9191

There were fire dancers just like last year and karaoke of course!

IMG E9205

IMG E9206IMG E9201

Good luck to anyone who tried to get the microphone out of my hand. I was not giving it up. 

Breakfast on Friday was a buffet of eggs, bacon, the best refried beans and all sorts of other good stuff.

IMG E9197

Then it was time to hit the pool and/or the beach!

IMG E9196

IMG E9200

IMG E9210

IMG E9213

IMG E9255

IMG E9263

Another buffet for lunch. 

IMG E9209

IMG E9211

We all got dressed up and headed to Esperanza Hotel for dinner. 

IMG E9232

IMG E9221

IMG E9231

Our dinner started with Ahi Tuna Poke Martini:

IMG E9223

Then there was a choice of soup or salad. I chose the Clam & Lime Chowder:

IMG E9224

For my entree, I chose the Wild Mushroom Risotto:

IMG E9225

And for dessert, the Chocolate Lava Cake:

IMG E9226

Such a delicious meal!! The restaurant at Esperanza is so gorgeous, it’s one of my favorites.

We came back to the hotel, danced a bit, then went to bed.

Saturday’s breakfast:

IMG E9233

Off to the pool for the day!

IMG E9234

I enjoyed a cheeseburger, ceviche, chips and guacamole for lunch.

IMG E9235

That evening, we all dressed in white and headed to the beach for dinner, followed by dancing to an 80’s band.

IMG E0331

IMG E0332

IMG 9238

IMG E9248

IMG E9249

IMG E9252

IMG E9250

IMG E9241

We went out with a bang with a fabulous fireworks show!

IMG E9254

I clearly didn’t enjoy it. Lol.

I had the time of my life. I’m not sure I could have had any more fun if I tried. 

Sunday morning came too quickly. I had some breakfast tacos:

IMG E9253

Then I started to feel not so great. A few people on the trip had had food poisoning we think and I came down with a touch of it. That was the last thing I ate all day. We flew home and I went to bed. 

On Monday I felt much better. I had my usual breakfast:

IMG E9271

I managed to go to the gym and workout with my trainer. I didn’t die so that was good. Afterwards I went to my daughter’s parent teacher conferences at the school. 

I met some friends at Mendocino Farms for lunch. I had the The Farm Club (shaved, roasted turkey breast, smashed avocado, Applewood smoked bacon, herb aioli, tomatoes, Scarborough Farm’s greens on seeded whole wheat):

IMG E9272


For dinner that night I made spaghetti and salad:

IMG E9274

IMG E9275

Tuesday’s breakfast:

IMG E9276

I took the kids to school then went to spin class. I think the spin instructor was trying to kill me. 

I ran some errands, stopping for lunch at Jersey Mike’s. 

IMG E9279

I took my son to his Bar Mitzvah tutor then came home to heat up leftover pasta for dinner.

IMG E9275

Wednesday I was on a clear liquid diet only in preparation for my first colonoscopy. I think I did a good job loading up on juices and jello because I wasn’t super hungry like I was afraid of being. The stuff you have to drink though is super nasty. 

Thursday morning it was still liquids for me. And more nasty medicine. Alicia took me to my colonoscopy. I got the all-clear report. The procedure was super easy but the preparation for it was a pain in the butt. No pun intended. 

We picked up In N Out Burger afterwards which is what I had dreamed about the one and a half days of not eating before it.

IMG 9290

For dinner my husband picked up Gor Gai Thai Eatery. I tried to have some noodles but they didn’t taste right to me. I just wanted to go to bed. 

IMG E9291

Today I felt much more like myself! Normal breakfast:

IMG E9292

I took the kids to school, got my nails done, then went to the mall to get my phone fixed. Since they had my phone I couldn’t take a picture of my awesome lunch. I went to Sweet Fin Poke and had the Sriracha Tuna Bowl and loved it. I can’t wait to go back!

I picked up the kids from school, took my son for a haircut, then came home. Dinner was the Thai food that I didn’t enjoy last night.

IMG 9293

Tasted much better tonight! Here’s to solid foods!

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