148.6...PIzza, Burgers, Tacos....Oh My!

I enjoyed such a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend at home. So rare not to have plans!! Saturdays’ breakfast was the usual:

IMG 9294

I got a ton of stuff done around the house. I reheated leftover spaghetti for lunch:

IMG 9295

For dinner we decided to head out. We went to a couple of different places and both were booked solid. We happened upon Rosati’s. We shared some mozzarella sticks, onion rings and fries to start. 

IMG 9296

All were good!

My husband and I shared a veggie pizza:

IMG 9297

The pizza was good! They also have deep dish pizza which we want to try next time.

They had a skillet chocolate chip cookie with ice cream for dessert which we couldn’t resist. 

IMG 9298

Yep. It was awesome. Rosati’s was a winner!

Sunday’s breakfast:

IMG 9300

We ran some errands and stopped at Islands for lunch. My husband wanted chili cheese fries so I had a couple of bites. 

IMG 9301

I ordered the turkey burger with a salad:

IMG 9302

Dinner was at Joe & Alicia’s. Taco night!

IMG 9307

One of my favorites!! 

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 9309

The kiddos didn’t have school so I got to sleep in a bit which is good with this time change. Ugh….I wish they would just pick a time and stick to it forever. These changes always screw me up.

I went to an appointment and took the kids to their dentist appointments. They recently discovered Jack in the Box and were begging for it for lunch. So we went. I had the Chicken Fajita Pita and some curly fries. 

IMG 9311

I used to like this but I didn’t think it was that great. 

We went to Pizza Rev for dinner. 

IMG 9312

Cannot go wrong with this place. It was good to get some veggies in my diet even if they were on a pizza. So much junk lately! 

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