147.4...Regulating on my Birthday!

 Saturday was my birthday and it was one of the best birthdays ever! I mean…nothing can top my 40th birthday in Cabo but this one was pretty spectacular. 

Earlier in the day on Saturday I had the leftovers from Benihana for lunch.

IMG 8251

My husband and I got packed up and headed downtown to The Pendry Hotel to check in. His company’s holiday party was that night and we were staying the night downtown. My brother and sister in law arrived around the same time so we enjoyed a cocktail and snack together before heading up to the room to get ready.

IMG 8253

Ahi tuna:

IMG 8254

Then it was time to head to Coasterra for the party! My sister in law Stephanie, my brother Neal and I:

IMG 0102

Stephanie, me and Alicia:

IMG 0109

Kate, me and Alicia:

IMG 8285

Neal and my husband:

IMG 8287

Eda, me and Michelle:

IMG 8293

There were two performers at the party: Warren G and T Pain. I was beyond excited about both but especially Warren G. That was the music I listened to in college and still love. So you can only imagine how much I freaked out when I got to go up on stage with Warren G and rap one of my favorite songs with him. Good thing I knew ALL the words. 

IMG 8313

IMG 8314

IMG 8297

IMG 8348

IMG 8308

IMG 8309

Another surprise happened when he handed me a cake and sung Happy Birthday to me! 

IMG 8349

I’m not sure how I was still standing at that point. Lol. Warren G rocked the house. T Pain was good but more of a DJ, less performing. He did wish me a Happy Birthday too but he didn’t know my name. He said he “didn’t have time” to find out. Too funny. We danced until the party was over then headed back to The Pendry for the after party at their club. 

It was definitely a late start on Sunday morning. It got started perfectly with room service for breakfast:

IMG 8318

 We came home and relaxed. I reheated some pizza in the fridge for lunch.

IMG 8323

That night we went over to Alicia and Joe’s for “Hot Wing” night! It had been WAY too long!

IMG 8328

Alicia got me my favorite Red Velvet Cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes for my birthday!

IMG 8329

It seriously is one of the best cakes of all time. 

Yesterday’s breakfast:

IMG 8334

The kids are off school this week but I still met my trainer at the gym. Afterwards I had an RXbar for a snack.

IMG 8336

I ran some errands and stopped at Jersey Mike’s for lunch. 

IMG 8337

Mini turkey provolone “Mike’s Way” but no oil, add mustard and hot pepper relish.

I went to a doctor appointment then picked up Wendy’s for the kids. I had a small chili. 

IMG 8338

For dinner I pulled out some Lasagna Soup from the freezer and reheated it and made a salad.

IMG 8340

IMG 8339

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 8342

I spent the morning cleaning up my desk and other piles of stuff that had been accumulating around the house. Snack was a Square Organics bar:

IMG 8343

I met Alicia for lunch at Ototo Sushi. 

Miso soup:

IMG 8344

Balboa Roll, Picasso Roll, Salmon, Yellowtail and Tuna Nigiri:

IMG 8346

Tonight is the last night of Hanukkah and I think we may head out for dinner. The pickings are slim around here. Lol.

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  1. Looks like you had quite a good birthday. Nothing like spending quality time with friends and family to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday.


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