148.4...Holiday Feasting

Last Tuesday we tried Westroot Tavern for dinner. We all shared the Carne Asada Fries (all-natural top sirloin steak, spicy guacamole, lime cream, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, poblano beer-cheese sauce) to start: 

IMG 8350

They weren’t as good as the ones at the Padres games but quite good nonetheless! It was “Taco Tuesday” so I ordered two fish tacos which were good!

IMG 8351

Wednesday’s breakfast:

IMG 8357

I went to Orange Theory then to an appointment. Lunch was at Urban Plates. I deduced to try their BBQ Chicken Salad for a change. 

IMG 8358

It was ok but I like my tuna plate better. 

For dinner we went to Tio Leo’s.  My husband and I split the Mexican Pizza and the Carne Asada Street Tacos.

IMG 8361

IMG 8362

Both were really good! Afterwards we went to a Bar Mitzvah meeting for my son.

Thursday’s breakfast:

IMG 8364

I got stuff done around the house before heading off to an appointment. I had a RXbar for a snack.

IMG 8365

Then it was time to pack up and hit the road for Palm Desert. Along the way, we stopped at In N Out Burger for lunch. 

IMG 8367

Lettuce wrapped cheeseburger and fries.

We got to our Palm Desert house and unpacked. Time to relax!

IMG 8371

For dinner, we went to Mario’s Italian Cafe. I had a small salad to start. 

IMG 8372

Then we shared a pizza. Their pizza is really good. 

IMG 8373

Friday’s breakfast was scrambled eggs with cheese and toast.

IMG 8376

For lunch we went to Manhattan in the Desert. I had the half sandwich and soup. Clam Chowder:

IMG 8414

Half salami sandwich with macaroni salad:

IMG 8415

Dinner was at Shogun. Onion soup:

IMG 8418


IMG 8419

NY steak with fried rice:

IMG 8420

The service was super slow that night but the food made up for it!

Saturday’s breakfast was a breakfast taco with scrambled eggs, cheese and lots of salsa and hot sauce.

IMG 8421

It was really nice being in Palm Desert with nothing really to do. We did some shopping for my daughter’s birthday but that was about it.

For lunch we went to La Bella Cucina. I had half an Italian sub and a salad:

IMG 8422

Dinner was at Armando’s. I love their fish tacos so that’s what I ordered. 

IMG 8428

For breakfast on Sunday (Christmas Eve) we went to the club.

IMG 8436

Eggs over easy, bacon, hash browns and toast. Love it!

We got packed up and had a late lunch at the club as well. We also shared the queso dip which was just ok.

IMG 8438

We also shared hot wings which were very good!

IMG 8439

My husband and I split a cheeseburger and a Chinese Chicken Salad:

IMG 8440

The burger was good but the dressing on the salad was too sweet for me. 

That evening we hit the road for San Diego. We picked up Taco Bell for dinner. I had a bean & cheese burrito. 

IMG 8443

Yesterday, Christmas morning’s breakfast:

IMG 8444

Then it was off to LA to my brother and sister in law’s house. My brother made breakfast burritos were are always awesome. I split one with my husband because there were tons of other snacks to enjoy!

IMG 8445

We opened gifts and enjoyed the day!

My brother was getting over a stomach flu so I did the grilling of the steaks for dinner. 

IMG 8448

I had salad and Brussels sprouts too. Such a good meal! We had a chocolate birthday cake to celebrate my belated birthday but I didn’t take a picture of it. :( I think I was too exited to eat it. It was epic. 

The drive home…not so epic. We decided to ignore Waze (big mistake) and go home our normal way although it kept trying to reroute us the whole time. Turns out the 5 freeway was shutdown in Oceanside because of a terrible crash/car fire. We figured it out just in time to cut all the way over to 15 freeway. Took us an extra hour and 15 minutes to get home. Oh well, could have been much worse. 

Today’s breakfast: 

IMG 8451

I got my nails done then took the kids out for sushi at Ototo Sushi.

Miso Soup:

IMG 8452

Tuna, yellowtail and salmon sashimi:

IMG 8453

Balboa Roll:

IMG 8454

Whew! That was a lot of good eats for sure!

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