Southern Grubbin'

Greetings from Kennesaw, Georgia!! The Bar Mitzvah celebrations are under way and we have been enjoying every minute of it.

Tuesday night before we left, we went to Casa de Bandini for dinner. I ordered the carne asada plate.

IMG 8309

Wednesday morning we left early for our flight. I ate some peanut butter crackers on the way to the airport. I ate some random stuff on the plane but was saving up for the main event at my brother in law's house in Kennesaw: Big Pie in the Sky Pizza!

IMG 8314

It's hard to tell from the photo but the size of this pizza is insane.

IMG 8315

 This is a 30 inch pizza. Crazy!!

After dinner, we checked into our hotel and called it a night.

Thursday mooring we slept past breakfast. Definitely still on pacific coast time. We went to lunch at Taco Mac.  I ordered the fish tacos.

IMG 8318

Not bad. I didn't end up eating the rice and beans but instead I some of my kids' french fries with a mixture of ranch and hot wing sauce. Now, that's what I'm taking about.

Later that evening we all went to the Braves vs Pirates baseball game. The Braves ended up losing but we had a great time anyway! I didn't eat anything at the ballpark because I was saving myself for hot wings at Taco Mac!

IMG 8319

They aren't as good as my hot wings but they did the job.

Yesterday's breakfast was at the hotel restaurant. I had a an omelet loaded with veggies.

IMG 8320

We headed to the marina for a day of boating and tubing. My husband was the captain of our boat.

IMG 8325

The kids road on the tube behind the boat and had a blast. On the way back, we picked up pizza slices for lunch.

IMG 8340

Last night we had a huge family dinner at Provino's Italian Restaurant. Our meal started with their amazing house salad:

IMG 8342

Followed by the most amazing garlic rolls you've ever had.

IMG 8343

They are literally swimming in garlic butter. Heaven.

We had a set menu for our event. There were several delicious choices but I settled on the lasagna.

IMG 8344

Mmmm. Good choice!

We had several choices for dessert. I tried the tiramisu and chocolate cake.

IMG 8347

They tasted great together.

Breakfast this morning was a repeat of yesterday but with potatoes this time.

IMG 8350

We went to the Bar Mitzvah services, then headed to Tin Lizzy's Cantina for some Mexican food. We shared some chips, guacamole, salsa and queso dip:

IMG 8351

I ordered a fajita steak taco and fish taco:

IMG 8352

Both were awesome.

Tonight is the big Bar Mitzvah celebration and then we are headed back to San Diego early tomorrow morning. Feels like we just got here!

What was the best thing you ate all weekend?

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