144.2…Delicious Dishes

You know when you are so excited to go over to a friend's house because you know she cooks up amazing dishes? That was me last night at Cathi's house for Bunco. Cathi is Italian and you know it after one bite of anything she makes. 

IMG 1009

Simple yet delicious appetizers:

IMG 1003

IMG 1004

I have to say I was honored that she made my Rosemary White Bean Spread as one of her appetizers!

Cathi and I:

IMG 1010

All the other fabulous ladies:

IMG 1012

IMG 1015

IMG 1017

IMG 1020

IMG 1021

I knew I had to pace myself with the appetizers because dinner was smelling amazing. 

The aromas did not lie. Everything was incredible. 

Linguine with garlic & shrimp:

IMG 1024

Rigatoni with meat sauce:

IMG 1025

Stuffed peppers:

IMG 1026

Mixed green salad:

IMG 1027

Happy ladies:

IMG 1029

Cathi made a homemade peach crumble for dessert:

IMG 1030

She served it with this incredible English Toffee Caramel ice cream:

IMG 1031

IMG 1032

I left Cathi's last night with a big smile on my face. And tighter pants.

Breakfast this morning was more of the frittata leftovers from Tami's birthday breakfast and half a grapefruit. I love this frittata! There's only one piece left. :(

IMG 8185

After school drop off, I got my hair done, ran errands and stopped for lunch at Luna Grill. 

IMG 8186

Crack chicken salad aka Greek Salad with a chicken kabob.

Do you have a friend who's an excellent cook?

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