145.0…Labor Day Weekend Eats….So Far...

Thursday night, my mom and I decided to grab some ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I really wanted vanilla but they were out (they forgot to order ice cream) ?? so I settled on chocolate chip ice cream with lots of hot fudge. 

IMG 8035

Breakfast on Friday was toast with peanut butter. 

IMG 8037

I packed up, said goodbye to my mom and drove back to San Diego. Before picking up the kids from school, I had a Greek Salad with a chicken kabob at Luna Grill. 

IMG 8038

We took the kids Friday night to the Padres vs. Dodgers baseball game. We had a buffet dinner then watched the exciting game!

IMG 8046

Padres won in extra innings…it was a late night but we all had a great time!

IMG 8061

Breakfast yesterday morning was Honey Nut Cheerios with almond milk. 

IMG 8071

I can't say I was very productive Saturday morning. I got the laundry done…that was about it. Lunch was tuna salad, veggies and ranch dressing. 

IMG 8072

We all went over to visit some friends who were staying at La Costa Resort. The kids swam for awhile and then we headed to the lobby for some snacks. We shared some nachos before heading to Firenze for dinner. 

IMG 8073

At Firenze, my husband and I split the Chopped Caesar Salad:

IMG 8074

I ordered the Chicken Piccata. So delicious!!!

IMG 8075

Breakfast today was scrambled egg beaters with LOTS of hot sauce, onions, salsa and cheese.

IMG 8076

I did some grocery shopping…we are having people over for a barbecue tonight. Lunch was the same as yesterday:

IMG 8077

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Labor Day weekend! My dog Arnold is for sure!

IMG 8078

Any Labor Day Weekend Plans?

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  1. How could they be out of vanilla?! My Mom came over, which was nice! I beat her in Scrabble :D


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