143.8…The Watermelon Keg

Whew! I did it. I hosted Bunco last night and it was a great success. I can't wait to share all of the recipes I made with you. I have to say, the one I was most excited about was my Watermelon Keg!

IMG 0846

Yep! I turned a watermelon into a keg and put a delicious cocktail in it using the watermelon from the inside! 

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The Watermelon Keg (Makes 10 to 12 drinks)

Recipe adapted from Food Network Magazine, August/September 2009



4 ounces Alize Red Passion or other fruit-flavored liqueur 

8 ounces vodka

2 cups sour mix

Sparkling Rose


Cut a lid from the top of the watermelon and scoop out the fruit. Drill a small hole near the bottom, then use a knife to widen the hole until it's slightly smaller than a keg shank. ($30 for kit; kegworks.com) Attach the shank, then fill the melon with this cocktail:

Puree 4 cups watermelon chunks; strain. Stir in 4 ounces Alize Red Passion, 8 ounces vodka and 2 cups sour mix; chill. Add sparkling rose before serving.

Printable Recipe

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Before I get to the rest of the Bunco highlights, I'll fill you in on what's been going on.

Monday's breakfast was pineapple Chobani yogurt, Strawberry Vanilla Almond Granola and mixed berries. 

IMG 7870

I took the kids to camp, got some groceries and starting prepping the food for Bunco. I chose to make a bunch of "summer salads". It's amazing how much work salads can be….

Lunch was tuna salad, veggies and ranch.

IMG 7873

Since I had been cooking all day, I wasn't in the mood to cook much else when it came time for dinner. Based upon a recommendation from my sister in law, I had purchased Trader Joe's Turkey Bolognese for nights like this.

IMG 7876

It was pretty darn good and easy too!

IMG 7877

While the sauce and pasta was cooking, I whipped up a Caesar salad and dinner was done.

IMG 7878

Yesterday morning's breakfast was scrambled egg beaters with salsa, tomatoes, green onions and cheddar cheese.

IMG 7880

After taking the kiddos to camp, I came home to finish cooking and prepping for Bunco. Somewhere along the way, I made a turkey sandwich for lunch.

IMG 7888

 All of a sudden it was show time! Time to get the appetizers outside!

Bacon and Olive Cream Cheese and Chive Finger Sandwiches:

IMG 0840

Greek dip (from a mix) with veggies:

IMG 0844

Everyone began to arrive and we all hung out and enjoyed a beautiful summer evening outside. 

IMG 0850

IMG 0858

IMG 0854

IMG 0863

IMG 0860

The good thing about serving mostly salads is that most of it can be done ahead. All I had to do was bring everything out. 

Heirloom Tomato Tart with Ricotta and Basil:

IMG 0865

Tomato Feta Salad:

IMG 0866

Pesto Pasta Salad:

IMG 0869

Romaine Salad with Tiny Tomatoes and Creamy Basil Dressing:

IMG 0872

Curried Rice Salad:

IMG 0877

Time to eat!

IMG 0878

IMG 0879

After a little bit, I brought out the desserts:

Butterscotch Pudding with Cream and Toffee:

IMG 0881

Double Lemon Curd Cheesecake Pie with Sugared Blueberries:

IMG 0890

Just like that, Bunco was over. Now I have a ton of leftovers to remind of me it. :) Stay tuned for all the recipes!  (Special thanks to Lisa and Cathi for helping me prep yesterday!)

Breakfast this morning was Honey Nut Cheerios and almond milk. I wasn't in the mood to cook ANYTHING. 

IMG 7890

Along the same lines…my lunch was Bunco leftovers. I might be eating this stuff for awhile. Good thing it tastes great!

IMG 7891

Ever made anything creative with a watermelon? This was a first for me!

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