Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving and a great holiday weekend! I know I did! I hope you are comfortable and ready to relax for a bit because there are a ton of food pictures coming your way!

Check out what my fridge looked like on Tuesday night:

November 2012 140

I doubt I could have fit one more thing in it.

Tuesday night’s dinner was homemade pizza and salad. Simple.

November 2012 141

November 2012 142

Wednesday morning’s breakfast was a toasted waffle with peanut butter.

November 2012 143

The entire day was spent cooking, preparing and getting everything set up for Thanksgiving. Somewhere in between all that I ate lunch.

November 2012 144

Tuna sandwich and sun chips. Tasty and fast.

Dinner was also tasty and fast. Hubby picked up burritos from Los Primos.

November 2012 145

Bean and cheese burrito. Delicious.

Thursday morning I was up early putting the last minute touches on everything. It was also time to bake my pies!

The tables (all FOUR of them!) were set and ready to go!

Thanksgiving 2012 006

Thanksgiving 2012 008

Thanksgiving 2012 011

Thanksgiving 2012 010

My kitchen was prepped as well!

Thanksgiving 2012 020

Thanksgiving 2012 021

I put out my appetizers and awaited my 32 guests. Here is a sample of some of the appetizers I served:

Bruschetta Dip:

Thanksgiving 2012 023

Boursin cheese and crackers:

Thanksgiving 2012 024

Six layer bean dip (we don’t like olives):

Thanksgiving 2012 025

Mini corn dogs:

Thanksgiving 2012 026

I got both turkeys ready to go into the oven…..

Thanksgiving 2012 027

Then I could relax a little bit and enjoy some champagne with my guests.

If you’re wondering how I stay organized trying to cook for that many people, this is how:

Thanksgiving 2012 028

I call it my “Turkey Timeline”. I make a schedule for the day of when things go into the oven (what temperature, how long, etc.) and went to do everything else. That way it’s mindless for me. I don’t know how I’d do it without it!

I brought a couple of my side dishes out of the fridge to come to room temperature: Mashed Potatoes and Gulliver’s Creamed Corn:

Thanksgiving 2012 029

The turkeys were cooking away:

Thanksgiving 2012 031

The chef in action:

Thanksgiving 2012 032

My brother in law carves a mean turkey (or two!):

Thanksgiving 2012 053

Everything is ready! Dig in!

Thanksgiving 2012 055

Hubby and I:

Thanksgiving 2012 074


Thanksgiving 2012 078

I wish I was able to get pictures of all the finished dishes, but again, I did not. It’s just too crazy when everything finally comes together in the end. Maybe next year!

I did take a bunch of pictures of dessert!

Thanksgiving 2012 080

Thanksgiving 2012 081

Thanksgiving 2012 082

Pumpkin pie and cheesecake:

Thanksgiving 2012 083

Chocolate Cinnamon Cake:

Thanksgiving 2012 085

Apple Pie:

Thanksgiving 2012 005

I made homemade vanilla ice cream and whipped cream for everything as well.

And just like that….Thanksgiving was over. It’s amazing how much work goes into it and then it’s over in a flash! It was a great day filled with wonderful family and delicious food!

Friday morning’s breakfast was something I call “spicy eggs”:

Thanksgiving 2012 086

Scrambled egg beaters, salsa, shredded cheddar cheese and lots of hot sauce.

I got the house mostly cleaned up, then we went to Costco for drinks for the tailgate we were co-hosting with my brother and his wife on Saturday. Lunch was at Island’s.

Salad to start:

November 2012 146

Cheeseburger and fries:

November 2012 147

We came back home, packed up and hit the road for Los Angeles. I brought all my leftovers to my parent’s house so we could have Thanksgiving dinner with them.

November 2012 148

My dad wasn’t feeling up the journey on Thanksgiving day so I’m glad we were able to bring it to him.

After dinner, we dropped the kids off with my sister in law and then checked into our hotel and went to bed. Big day coming up!

Saturday morning we ordered room service for breakfast.

November 2012 149

Eggs, bacon, potatoes and pancakes. I know I needed to fuel up for the day! ;)

We jumped in a cab and headed toward our tailgating spot near the LA Coliseum. It was the big game between USC and Notre Dame!


My sister in law, my brother, my husband and I:


My brother and his wife went to Notre Dame while my husband and I both went to USC! A family feud every year, you could say. :)

There was a ton of grub all day long!

November 2012 150

November 2012 162

November 2012 166

We had such a great time and the tail gate was a wonderful success!

November 2012 186

In the end, Notre Dame ended up winning. While I was sad, I was excited for my brother. Notre Dame is number one and will be going to Miami in January for the BCS Championship. Go Irish!

Now we are finally home. Everyone is tired, the house is still a mess but the memories of this past weekend will remain forever.

What was the best thing you ate at Thanksgiving?


  1. Wow - 32 people for turkey day - my hat is off to you Melissa - everything looked wonderful.

    I have to ask - whose trailer is that at the tailgate?? Totally deluxe!

    Enjoy your Sunday night! :D

    The RV belonged to my brother's friend's dad! It was super nice!

  3. Yum! we did Thanksgiving Taipei style...turkey and peking duck. Also watched the game, with bloody mary's and mimosas in hand at 9am with some friends who went to Notre Dame - they were quite into it! we were still tired of yelling for ASU the day before :)

  4. 32 people!! That is one full house. Looks like it went very well. I was watching that game and thought of you :)

  5. Everything looks amazing! Especially the homemade pizza! I hate olives and dug into some 7 layer dip this weekend while watching football! It was too late when I realized what I had done...


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