135.2…Getting Prepped

Macaroni and cheese does not reheat well. I know this but decided to reheat the Lobster Mac and Cheese anyway for dinner Friday night.

November 2012 011

Yep. It did not reheat well. Oh well, at least my wine tasted good. Does anyone have any tips on how to reheat mac and cheese?

Saturday morning I reheated some leftover pancakes for breakfast.

November 2012 012

I decided that this would be a great weekend to start prepping my Thanksgiving sides. I like to make them and freeze them ahead so that on the big day, when the turkey comes out of the oven to rest, all my defrosted prepared side dishes go in the oven. I made my favorite dish first: Gulliver’s Creamed Corn, followed by my cranberry sauce. I plan on making the mashed potatoes later today.

Lunch was a turkey sandwich. Plain and simple.

November 2012 013

I took the kids to their scouts event and then picked them up and met some friends at Red Robin for dinner. I enjoyed some wine….

November 2012 014

…and onion rings. The perfect meal if you ask me.

November 2012 015

Their onion rings are really good. I ordered the Crispy Chicken Tender Salad with grilled chicken instead.

November 2012 016

I really like this salad. Their ranch dressing is especially good.

After the kiddos went to bed last night, I had a couple a friends over for a night cap and a movie. We had a great time! I did go to bed too late though…even with the “extra hour of sleep” the kids were up way too early.

Breakfast was an egg sandwich on an English muffin with cheddar cheese.

November 2012

I made my Coconut-Sour Cherry Granola for the winner of Veronica’s blog bake sale. I made extra for myself. I miss that granola!

Lunch was a tuna sandwich. I guess I’ve been on a sandwich kick lately!

November 2012 017

I brought the kids over to my sister in law’s house (where I’m blogging from now). She is out of town and the kids wanted to play with their cousins so we’ll be here for a little bit.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Do you plan ahead or do you do things at the last minute?


  1. Sometimes if you add a little milk to the mac-n-cheese before reheating, it makes it a bit more creamier. Doesn't seem to dry out as much!

  2. Whenever I reheat mac n cheese I do it in the oven at the same temp the original dish was cooked at, although I end up adding up to 1/2 cup of fat free half and half, mix it up, add a touch more shredded cheese, top with fresh bread crumbs and bake for 15 minutes - tastes just like new!

    Although, I've never had lobster in mine before! :D


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