136.0…A Bathroom Pass

So….on Monday I got something from my doctor that has made a world of difference in having a broken foot with pins in it.

October 2012 227

I have my very own temporary handicap placard for my car. 

I went to pick up my kids from school and when my son saw that I was in the handicap spot, he said, “Why are you in the bathroom spot?” Then when he saw the handicap placard, he said “Why do you have a bathroom pass?” After I explained what the handicap placard was (a symbol of a person in a wheelchair), he told me that that is NOT what it is. It is, according to my son, a symbol of a person sitting on a toilet. I kid you not. For my son’s entire life, every time he’s seen a handicap symbol, he thought it was a spot for people that really need to use the bathroom! I laughed so hard I cried. The pass is now referred to as the “Bathroom Pass” in my house.

That night my husband decided to take me out to my favorite restaurant, Firenze, for dinner. After the In N Out burger lunch I had, I wasn’t super hungry so I tried to keep dinner light.

My husband and I split the Caprese salad:

October 2012 215

For my entree I ordered the Salmon Caesar Salad:

October 2012 216

It was excellent! I ate about half and took the rest home.

Tuesday morning’s breakfast was a toasted cinnamon raisin English muffin with peanut butter and some cantaloupe.

October 2012 217

I met Lisa and Annette for lunch at Wahoo’s. I had my standard two fish tacos:

October 2012 218

The rest of the day was spent paying bills and getting through my inbox. My husband was working late so I made a quick dinner using the last of my Roasted Garlic Tilapia Parchment Bake…..

October 2012 219

….and the rest of my salmon Caesar salad from the previous night.

October 2012 220

Random dinner but tasty!

Yesterday morning I had a breakfast meeting at the school so I skipped breakfast at home and had a bagel with cream cheese at the meeting.

October 2012 223

I went to my wax appointment and stopped at Champagne Baker for lunch. I had the Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich with a cup of tomato basil soup.

October 2012 221

I went to Trader Joe’s, picked up the kids from school, got homework done and then got everyone in their costumes for Trick or Treating. I am obviously no shape to walk around Trick or Treating so my husband took the kids along with some of our other friends around the neighborhood. I went over to Lisa’s and watched her hand out candy to all the kids while eating some of it and drinking some wine.

October 2012 224

Best way of Trick or Treating ever!

We all met back at the house hungry so my husband picked up Los Primos for dinner. I split a bean and cheese burrito and carne asada mini tacos with him.

October 2012 225

Best fast food Mexican food ever. Although, they did run out of cheese last night. My husband wanted a quesadilla and after they made our bean and cheese burrito, there was no more cheese. (??) Huh?

This morning’s breakfast was another cinnamon raisin English muffin with peanut butter and some cantaloupe.

October 2012 222

I took the kids to school and drove to Los Angeles to visit my dad. My mom and I went to Target. We had really long lists so I figured it would probably be best if I use their electric shopping carts.

After my mom and I laughed our a**es off, I found it really useful in getting around so my foot wouldn’t hurt!

Afterwards we picked up El Pollo Loco for lunch.

October 2012 228

Two piece chicken, flour tortillas and cole slaw. Never gets old.

Tonight I’m making dinner for my parents. It’s a Barefoot Contessa recipe, so I know it won’t disappoint. Stay tuned…..

My blog friend Veronica, from Veronica’s Cornucopia,  is hosting a blog bake sale tomorrow benefitting a friend, Suzie, who has had some recent medical issues and cannot pay for her medical bills. I will be donating my Coconut-Sour Cherry Granola. Get your hands on it tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 2nd) at 8:00AM CST! Click here to preview all the goodies up for bidding!


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