146.6..Palm Desert Prep

On Thursday night in Palm Desert my husband and I went to Mario’s for dinner. I had a house salad to start.

IMG 7776

Then we shared a veggie pizza. It was really good. Great crispy crust!

IMG 7777

For breakfast Friday I had toast with peanut butter.

IMG 7778

I got some more Thanksgiving prep work done before heading to lunch with my husband at Louise’s Pantry. I ordered a roast beef sandwich thinking it was going to be deli meat roast beef but it cooked well done.

IMG 7779

It wasn’t that great sadly. I also had a cup of clam chowder which was good.

IMG 7780

I think this place is a better breakfast place. Will try it for breakfast another time.

We drove back to San Diego and went over to Alicia’s for dinner. She made tacos. So good!!

IMG 7781

Saturday’s breakfast:

IMG 7784

We drove to Los Angeles for the USC vs. UCLA football game. I ate a Taco Bell bean & cheese burrito in the car for lunch on the way. I had a hot dog at the game for dinner. USC won and it was a really fun time! We drove back after the game.

Breakfast Sunday was a tad different. I was out of avocados so I had butter on my toast instead.

IMG 7836

The kids and I got packed up and hit the road for Palm Desert for Thanksgiving week. We stopped at Souplantation on the way. 

IMG 7840

My standard salad and chili. Not pictured was the pizza bread which I love!

We got to the house and unpacked the car. We met my mom for dinner at Mario’s. I had the same house salad to start.

IMG 7841

My mom and I shared a pizza:

IMG 7842


Breakfast Monday looked a bit like Sunday’s. No avocado. 

IMG 7849

I did the rest of the Thanksgiving food shopping (including buying avocados). We went to our club for lunch. I finally had my real roast beef sandwich!

IMG 7853

My husband arrived with our dogs yesterday evening. We got them settled then went to Shogun for dinner. 

Onion soup:

IMG 7858


IMG 7859

Fried rice:

IMG 7860

NY Steak Dinner:

IMG 7861

Shogun is definitely one of my favorites!!

Breakfast today:

IMG 7863

I forgot that I bought the avocado. Lol.

I have a ton of family arriving this week, starting today. I hope to blog later this week but we’ll see. Either way, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Can't wait to see all of your yummy eats.


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