146.2...Las Vegas

When I woke up this morning after my trip to Las Vegas, I never expected to see what I saw on the TV. It’s truly awful what happened in Las Vegas last night. My heart goes out to all who were affected by this terrible tragedy.

On Friday before we left for Las Vegas, my kids had half day so I took them and my mom to Fresh Brothers. I had the pizza & salad combo for lunch.

IMG 7059

IMG 7061

This Fresh Brothers recently opened and I hadn’t tried it yet. I choose ranch dressing for my salad and I don’t think the dressing was that good. For my pizza, I went with the works and their signature thin crust. I actually thought the crust was too thick and would choose their skinny crust next time.

I took everyone home then headed to the airport to meet my husband for out flight to Las Vegas. 

IMG E7071

The trip was an annual company trip and we started out our adventures at Top Golf Friday night. We enjoyed some sushi and various other snacks.

IMG 7080

IMG 7113

Good times, fun group!

We got back to the Wynn Hotel and I was pretty hungry so I ordered Beef Ho Fun from room service. It was pretty darn good. 

IMG 7081

Breakfast Saturday morning was room service. Three eggs over easy, hashed browns, and bacon and toast (not pictured). Excellent!

IMG 7083

We met the group at Encore Beach Club for the day.

IMG E7084


For lunch I had ahi tuna sliders:

IMG 7092

They were ok. Might have been nice if they came with a side or something.

Dinner was with some friends at Mizumi. We sat at the teppan tables. My meal started with a salad that I didn’t really like followed by soup:

IMG 7103

I ordered the Beef Tenderloin with fried rice:

IMG 7104

While the beef was really good, I wasn’t impressed with anything else. I found it overpriced and probably wouldn’t go back.

Sunday morning we had breakfast (same as Saturday) and headed to the airport to fly home. 

IMG 7109

When we got home, we had Milton’s Deli delivery for lunch. I had The Californian sandwich (avocado, sprouts, red onion, romaine lettuce and swiss and cheddar cheeses served on multi-grain bread):

IMG 7112

It came with cole slaw. I ended up eating only half and saved the rest for later.

For dinner, we all went to Joe & Alicia’s for pasta night.

IMG 7114


Tough waking up this morning for sure. My normal breakfast:

IMG 7116

I took the kids to school, then went to the gym to meet my trainer. It’s always hard with her but today was especially tough. I always feel better though!

Here’s to Mondays! Lol.

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