145.6...National Taco Day

Tuesday night I reheated the Chicken, Cashew and Vegetable Stir-Fry leftovers. 

IMG 7133

I really love this recipe. I do add a ton of chili garlic sauce to it but that’s just because I like it really spicy.

Yesterday’s breakfast:

IMG 7136

After I took the kids to school I went to Orange Theory.

I met some friends for lunch at Ken Sushi Workshop. We shared a ton of delicious dishes:

IMG 7140

IMG 7141

IMG 7142

IMG 7143

Everything was really good except the Brussels sprouts which were a bit bland. Nothing that a bit of wasabi and soy sauce couldn’t fix!

I had planned on a pasta dish for dinner last night but my daughter insisting I make tacos since it was National Taco Day yesterday. The funny thing is, she won’t even eat tacos. Lol.

IMG 7144

Of course my tacos turned into a taco salad which my kids still make fun of me for. 

This morning I went to have routine blood work done so I had breakfast afterwards. 

IMG 7145

I got my nails done and picked up Taco Bell for myself and the kids (they don’t have school today). 

IMG 7146

National Taco Day lives on into today!

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