145.8...Best Trip Ever, Worst Game Ever

Last weekend was simply amazing. On Thursday we left for LA for our flight to South Bend, Indiana for the USC vs. Notre Dame weekend. We stopped at a kabob place somewhere along the way and had some delicious lamb kabob, rice, cabbage salad, pita and hummus. 

IMG 7364

We met up with my brother in law Dan and our friend Alan at their airport. We were traveling with USC so the flight was that much more exciting.

IMG 7368

I can’t say that the food on the plane was exciting tho. I chose the salmon which came with a bunch of salad dressing with no salad. 

IMG 7370

During the flight we were watching the Dodgers vs Cubs game and I spotted my brother (right) and his friend Ryan (left) on the TV:

IMG 7372

My brother was obviously in Chicago already. He went to Notre Dame and I went to USC. Great family rivalry!

We landed in South Bend, boarded buses and dropped off a group at Blue Chip Hotel & Casino in Michigan City before heading onto Chicago. We checked into our hotel then headed out with some other friends for some drinks. Eventually it was really late and we were hungry so we stopped at a restaurant (no idea the name. lol) for a late night meal.

IMG 7378

I had a grilled ham and cheese and fries. Not the best but it was needed. 

Friday we got up, grabbed some coffee then headed to the Navy Pier for the USC pep rally. We couldn’t get over how many people were there!

IMG 5919

We met my brother, Ryan and our friend Eytan at Giordano’s for lunch.

IMG 7382

This is, hands down, my favorite pizza of all time. I literally dream about this pizza. 

After lunch we met up with a group at The Lodge for some drinks. 

IMG 7383

Next it was off to the roof top bar at The London House. 

IMG E7387

The day was gorgeous and the weather was beautiful. 

IMG 7389

Dan and I.

Dinner was with the USC group at Lawry’s. Our meal started with Lawry’s Original Spinning Bowl Salad:

IMG 7392

The dressing was too sweet for me. Boo.

My entree was Roasted Prime Rib of Beef Au Jus with mashed potatoes, creamed corn, creamed spinach:

IMG 7394

The prime rib was good but the sides were fabulous!

Dessert was Lawry’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake:

IMG 7395

Delicious. Glad I didn’t waste the calories on the salad. ;)

IMG 5927

After dinner we went with some of the group to Roof ontheWit . It was at a Double Tree hotel. They had bottle service. And Double Tree cookies. I was confused. 

IMG E5930

Next stop was Mother’s Bar which was full of USC fans. They had karaoke so Alan and I got up there to show all the college kids how it’s done. Lol.

After that, we went to The Wiener Circle for hot dogs. I had never been before. The are famous for yelling and cussing at you when you order. When we arrived, there was an actual fist fight going on inside. We waited until everyone cleared out then went in and ordered and got yelled at. Lol.

IMG 7405

Regular Char Dog. It was really good. It could have used more mustard but I was afraid to get yelled at so I didn’t ask for any.

Saturday morning I had an egg sandwich from the hotel for breakfast:

IMG 7407

We loaded in the buses and started making our way to South Bend, Indiana!

IMG E7408

We had to stop at Blue Chip to pick up the other group so we might have run in to gamble for a bit. ;)

IMG E5943

We finally arrived at Notre Dame and met up with my brother and Ryan for a tailgate. 

IMG 7426

Then it was game time!!!

IMG E7431

We ended up losing 49-14. Ugh. Terrible game. Horrid. 

IMG E2434

Besides the outcome of the game, I had a great time with these people! One of the best trips ever!

We flew home with the group after the game to LA, then drove to San Diego. By the time I got into bed, it was Sunday morning at 5:30AM. I was beyond beat.

Obviously I slept through breakfast. We ordered Milton’s for lunch. 

IMG 7456

Half salami sandwich, cole slaw and a pickle. Hit the spot. 

The rest of the day I did laundry, unpacked and tried my best to stay awake. 

Dinner was Crack Shack which I had never tried before. My mom and I shared the fried chicken, classic slaw and fries.

IMG 7457

The cole slaw was just ok but the chicken and fries were out of the this world! Loved it! It was the perfect way to wrap up the weekend!

Monday’s breakfast:

IMG 7458

I dropped the kids off at school, then met my trainer at the gym. It was rough for sure. 

I ran some errands and stopped at Jersey Mike’s for lunch. 

IMG 7459

Turkey and provolone, Mike’s way (no oil) with mustard and red pepper spread.

I picked up the kids from school and we enjoyed a quiet night at home. I reheated some spaghetti and marinara for dinner. That’s about all I had the energy for.

IMG 7470

Yesterdays’ breakfast:

IMG 7473

I took the kids to school, then came home for an appointment. I went to the school to volunteer, then met Alicia for a quick lunch at Sushiya. 

IMG 7475

IMG 7476

Lemon Roll:

IMG 7477

El Fuego Roll:

IMG 7478

Then my husband and I headed to the airport for Austin, Texas for a work trip for my husband. I ate some crappy chicken on the plane, we landed, checked into the hotel and went to bed. 

I didn’t wake up in time for breakfast so lunch was breakfast. There was a buffet lunch for our group:

IMG 7480

Tonight is the welcome dinner but I foresee an early bedtime tonight. ;)

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  1. So glad you're back! Wow you have been busy and eating lots of yummy food too!


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