146.6...A Beautiful Day

Friday night was a jam-packed evening! The fun started out at Petco Park where my son got to throw out the first pitch!!!

IMG 6948

He did a great job!!! After that excitement, we went to see the U2 concert at Qualcomm Stadium with a ton of friends. I grabbed a slice of pizza when we got there because I was starving.

IMG 6957

While the concert was great, I think I had more fun hanging out with everyone!

IMG 6959

IMG 6961

IMG 6966

IMG 6974

IMG 6970

On the way home we stopped at In N Out Burger.

IMG 6976

Double Double and fries. You just can’t beat it.

Saturday’s breakfast:

IMG 6977

We went to my husband’s company’s annual picnic for the day. It was a luau theme and was complete with Hawaiian chicken, pork and all the fixings.

IMG 6978

I went back to get the pulled pork and some more chicken. Then I had part of a hot dog and a brownie. 

For dinner we hung out at home. We are rarely home on a Saturday night and it was a nice change of pace. I made My Favorite Chili for dinner. 

IMG 6982

IMG 6984

I forgot how much I love this chili. The rest of the family made chili cheese fries out of it but I just stuck to the chili in a bowl with onions and cheddar cheese.

Breakfast this morning:

IMG 6986

We have some friends coming over this afternoon and I think we are off to Burger Night for dinner. Healthier eating resumes tomorrow for sure!

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