144.8...An Exciting Meeting

On Wednesday I went to Urban Plates for lunch. I had the albacore, Brussels sprouts and quinoa salad.  

IMG 7021

I went to my son’s flag football game then to a dinner with some of the moms in my son’s grade at Dolce at the Highlands. My dinner started with the Heirloom Tomato and Burrata (imported burrata, arugula, vine ripened tomato, aged balsamic, basil oil):

IMG 7028

This was just ok. The tomatoes were kind of flavorless I thought.

I split a Margherita pizza with a friend:

IMG 7029

The pizza was good at least! It was a fun evening for sure!

Yesterday’s breakfast:

IMG 7031

I went to two meetings at the school then to sushi at Sushiya for lunch. I know…I just had sushi a coupe days prior but I couldn’t help myself. 

Miso Soup:

IMG 7032

Yellowtail, salmon and tuna nigiri:

IMG E7034

Spanish Roll (inside: snow krab, cucumber, cilantro; top: salmon, green onion, ponzu sauce):

IMG 7035

Last night we went to The Hotel Del Coronado for a Cancer for College charity dinner. After cocktail hour, we were seated for dinner. We had a soup and a salad to start, followed by short rib risotto:

IMG 7042

Dessert was cheesecake:

IMG 7043

My husband know the director of the charity so we were seated with him. His great friend from college (USC!) happens to be Will Ferrell who was seated with us for dinner. 

IMG E7053

Epic. A fellow Trojan and a really nice guy. It was hard for me to look at him and not laugh during dinner. I actually said to him: “I can’t help looking at you and imagining a horse tranquilizer going into your neck.” He found that very amusing. Lol

This morning’s breakfast:

IMG 7056

I took the kids to school and then home to get dressed and packed for Las Vegas!!! 

Have a great weekend!

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