144.0...For the Win

My husband was working late Wednesday night so salmon it was! 

IMG 1287

Along with broccoli and cheese ravioli leftovers, it was a pretty delicious meal!

Thursday’s breakfast: 

IMG 1291

I dropped the kids off at school, then went to the gym. I came home to get dressed and have a quick turkey sandwich for lunch.

IMG 1292

Then it was off to our club for a surprise baby shower for a friend. I tried a bit of everything. 

IMG 1296


Friday’s breakfast: 

IMG 1298

We decided last minute basically to pull my son out of school and all go to Chicago for the World Series! 

I grabbed a chicken caesar salad for the plane.

IMG 1299

After the four hour flight (with a bit of a delay), we finally arrived in Chicago. We checked into our hotel, then headed to my favorite pizza place, Giordano’s, for dinner. 

I started with the Italiano salad: 

IMG 1300

My husband and I shared a small deep dish pizza with onions and peppers: 

IMG 1301

IMG 1302

Seriously, best pizza ever.

For breakfast Saturday morning, we ordered room service. I had an egg white omelet with spinach, onions and cheddar cheese. Sliced tomatoes on the side. 

IMG 1305

I went to the hotel gym and got ready for the day. We walked around a bit, then stopped for lunch at Rosebud. I ordered the Chef Salad with Ahi Tuna.

IMG 1306

Pretty darn good salad!! 

After lunch we walked over to Ghirardelli for dessert. My husband and I shared a single scoop with hot fudge. Their hot fudge is SO good.

IMG 1308

At last it was time to head to Wrigley Field for the World Series! 

IMG 5237

IMG 5238

IMG 5240

My son got a ball thrown to him at batting practice!

IMG 5241

Unfortunately, the Cubs lost to the Indians. Ugh!!!!

We drowned our sorrows back at Giordano’s after the game. 

IMG 1314

It never gets old.

Breakfast Sunday was yogurt, granola and berries. 

IMG 1315

We met up with some friends later at went to lunch at Ditka’s. We shared some nachos and hot wings.

IMG 1326

IMG 1327

I had the fish tacos which were pretty good!

IMG 1329

We went back to Wrigley Field for game five of the World Series with our fingers crossed for a W! Thankfully, we were rewarded with a win and the whole stadium went nuts! I was so happy to see the Cubs Win for Chicago!!

We went with our friends to Pequod’s for more pizza!

IMG 1333

I can’t say I was a fan of this pizza. Giordano’s is the winner for sure. I guess Pequod’s isn’t technically deep dish but pan pizza. 

Yesterday morning it was an early breakfast before heading to the airport to head home. 

IMG 1334

We got home, got the kids dressed up for Halloween and headed over to Alicia’s house to grab some dinner before Trick or Treating. 

 IMG 1343

I had a couple of slices of veggie pizza and salad. We had fun Trick or Treating. I managed to keep it to two small Nestle crunch bars only!

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 1348

I dropped the kids off at school, then hit the gym for a much needed workout. Now I’m getting my hair done (also much needed!) while blogging at the same time. Multi-tasking!

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

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  1. Next time you are in Chicago, get Lou Malnati's pizza. There's a ton in the loop. Better than Giordano's.
    Go Cubs Go!! Donna, a lifelong Chicago girl.

  2. I am with Donna - while I like Giordano's, Lou Malnati's is better!

    How the hell did you get tickets to not one but TWO games last minute?! Must have cost a fortune!

  3. @Biz
    I went to Lou Malnati's a long time ago but I'll have to give it a try again!
    My husband uses Stub Hub all the time. We call him the "Stub Hub King". He's very good at sniffing out tickets that don't bankrupt us! :)


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