141.0...A Spooktacular Bunco

Dinner could not have been easier on Monday night. Thank goodness I had Costco spinach and cheese ravioli in the freezer because there wasn’t much else in the house. I always have jarred marinara and frozen broccoli on hand as well. Ta-Da! 

IMG 1228

The ravioli was quite good!!

Yesterday’s breakfast: 

IMG 1231

I went to the gym then came home to get dressed. I dropped my daughter off at a friends house and my son and I had lunch at Poseidon. They had a new salad on the menu which looked good so I ordered it:

Avocado & Cilantro Salad with Salmon (mixed baby greens, oranges (omitted), jicama, cucumber, radish, feta cheese, cilantro, peppered vinaigrette, candied walnuts):

IMG 1232

I took my son to basketball practice in the afternoon then got ready for Bunco!

This wasn’t just any Bunco, it was Halloween Bunco complete with a costume contest!

IMG 1276

I wasn’t very inspired so I came as a witch. Lol.

IMG 1234

Marcela hosted and she went over the top with decorations and a crazy attention to detail. Her home was decorated from head to toe for Halloween. 

IMG 1261

IMG 1233

IMG 1235

IMG 1236

IMG 1237

IMG 1239

IMG 1241

IMG 1279

IMG 1242

IMG 1271

IMG 1243

IMG 1244

IMG 1263

IMG 1272

IMG 1274

IMG 1240

IMG 1246

IMG 1247

IMG 1248

IMG 1280

IMG 1254

IMG 1256

IMG 1257

IMG 1259

IMG 1265

IMG 1266

IMG 1277

IMG 1284

Dinner was spooktacular! 

IMG 1268

Two different kinds of pasta and two different kinds of salad. 

IMG 1245


The winner of the costume contest was clearly Pamela. 

IMG 1264

That was her wedding dress for goodness sake. And it was her birthday! 

IMG 1269

IMG 1270

IMG 1281

IMG 1283

IMG 1278

Thank you Marcela for such a fun evening! You really should be a party planner! 

(Thanks to all the peeps who shared their photos with me as well.)

Breakfast today:

IMG 1250

I took the kids to school, then it was off to the gym for a boring, yet effective run on the treadmill. Always glad when that is over.

I got my nails done, ran some errands, then stopped for lunch at Marketplace Grill.

IMG 1275

Grilled Chicken Green Salad. Love.

I almost forget to buy the kids pumpkins to carve! I picked up a couple today and we will carve them tonight. I actually despise this job. I think the inside of pumpkins smell awful.

Do you like to carve pumpkins? Do you still do it?

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