149.4...Bar Mitzvah In The Books

After about a year of planning, my son’s Bar Mitzvah was over in a flash. The party went off without a hitch but most importantly, I was so proud of my son. He nailed it. All his hard work paid off and he, although super nervous, breezed through the services without a stumble. I’ll rewind to last week and share what few photos I have so far. I can’t wait to get the professional photographs back so I can share them here.

Obviously I’m super behind in posting so I’m going to split up the posts so they are not a mile long!

Last Tuesday the 17th was book club at Perla’s house. We discussed the book, Pachinko by Min Jin Lee which I loved. I enjoyed all the yummy snacks that Perla had out. 

IMG 9684

On Wednesday the 18th we were up super early for a ceremony at the temple that was part of the bar mitzvah preparations. Afterwards, we went out to breakfast at Snooze with my mother in law and her husband who were in town. 

IMG 9692

I had an egg white omelet with cheddar cheese, onions and jalapeños with sliced tomatoes and flour tortillas. 

I got my hair done then had sushi at a little place around the corner. Totally blanking on the name although the sushi was good!

IMG 9693

IMG 9694

That afternoon was a bit crazy. My son had a baseball game which ran super late. I had to race home to get his basketball jersey for his other game that night. We only had time for a quick dinner at Taco Bell. 

IMG 9695

Taco Supreme and a Bean Burrito. Definitely not complaining. I love me some Taco Bell.  

Thursday the 19th's breakfast:

IMG 9696

I dropped the kids at school, got my nails done, then to another appointment. I grabbed a cheese plate from Starbucks because I didn’t have time for much else for lunch.

IMG 9697

I came home to meet Alicia. She was helping me get all the Bar Mitzvah party favors for the kids in our cars to take to Coasterra.

IMG 9699

We got it all to fit. 

For dinner we reheated some Bucca di Beppo leftovers. 

IMG 9707

Spicy Chicken Rigatoni and Mozzarella Sticks. 

Friday the 20th's breakfast:

IMG 9712

We got all dressed up and headed to the temple for family photographs and the Bar Mitzvah rehearsal. 

We got Ototo Sushi for lunch. 

IMG 9713

My mom came into town and we hung out at the house until it was time to head to Davanti Enoteca for our Friday Night Dinner with the entire family. Everything was served family style and was delicious!

Focaccia di Recco (Ligurian flatbread, soft cow’s cheese, honeycomb):

IMG 9714

This is my absolute favorite thing on the menu.


IMG 9715

D.O.C Pizza (tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil):

IMG 9716

We also had a couple other dishes that missed my camera.


IMG 9717

After dinner, we went to services at the temple, then came home and called it a night.

Saturday the 21st’s breakfast:

IMG 9721

We got all dressed up and headed off to the temple for my son’s Bar Mitzvah services. It was such a beautiful service and my son knocked it out of the park. All his hard work paid off and he sailed through it effortlessly. 

After services, we enjoyed a luncheon at the temple with our family and friends. We came home and relaxed a bit before getting ready for the big party at Coasterra! I don’t have any of the professional photos yet but I can share a few that were sent to me by friends. 

IMG 9746

IMG 9755

IMG 9775

IMG 9756

IMG 9761

2018 4 21 80223A GS

2018 4 21 80547A GS

2018 4 21 80829A GS

IMG 9794IMG 9793

IMG 0403

I still can’t believe it’s all over. What a night! I think the kids and adults all had a ball….I know I did!

We had brunch with the family at Pacific Coast Grill on Sunday the 22nd. The appetizers were served family style. We had fries, a veggie roll, chips and guacamole. 

IMG 9823


IMG 9824

The Caesar salads came out next. 

IMG 9828

Then there were several choices for the main entree. I chose the Short Rib Chilaquiles which were excellent. 

IMG 2226

Don’t forget dessert!

IMG 9832

IMG 9833

IMG 9834

Seriously delicious! After brunch, everyone headed out and that was a wrap on the Bar Mitzvah.

For dinner we went over to Alicia and Joe’s for pizza. 

IMG 9839

Perfect way to end the amazing weekend!

Last Monday’s breakfast: 

IMG 9840

I took the kids to school then met my trainer at the gym. 

I took the dogs for a vet appointment then ran errands. I met Alicia for lunch at Ototo Sushi. 

IMG 9842

IMG 9843

IMG 9845

IMG 9844

Dinner was tacos. Easy and good!

IMG 9847

Tuesday’s breakfast:

IMG 9848

After I took the kids to school I went to spin class at the gym. Then it was a Phillis Carey cooking class. The class was “Low Carb Cooking”.

The first recipe was Caprese Zoodle Salad with Fresh Mozzarella, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Salami Crisps:

IMG 9852

Really yummy!! 

The second dish was Spaghetti Squash Lasagna with Sausage Sauce and Spinach Ricotta Cheese:

IMG 9853

So hearty and filling…you don’t even miss the lasagna noodles!

Next up was Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Shrimp with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Spinach:

IMG 9854

The sauce on this was outstanding! 

The next recipe was Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese with Bacon:

IMG 9855

Another winner! Loved this!

Dessert was Cream Cheese Crepes with Strawberries, Creme Fraiche and Shaved Chocolate:

IMG 9860

The crepes were made out of cream cheese and eggs and that’s it! Yum!!

Dinner was spaghetti. So unimaginative. 

IMG 9861

Wednesday’s breakfast:

IMG 9862

I took the kids to school and went to an appointment. I spent the day getting set up for my Swap Party that night.  Lunch was leftover pizza and salad. 

IMG 9864

That’s where I’ll leave you for now. More to come!

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