149.0...Sadly, Spring Break is Over

Last Wednesday after my son’s basketball game (they won!), we went to Westroot Tavern for a quick dinner to celebrate my husband’s birthday. 

IMG 9548

I had this fish tacos. I liked them better the last time I had them. 

Thursday’s breakfast:

IMG 9550

My son went to a friend’s house and I took my daughter to get our nails done. We went to Crust Pizzeria for lunch. I had the half sandwich and salad.

IMG 9554

The Rolando sandwich (genoa salami, mortadella, hot cappacola, provonello cheese, lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, shaved onion, pepperoncinis, roasted peppers, Italian dressing) and a Caesar salad. It was just ok. I was still sick so maybe food wasn’t tasting right.

Dinner was easy spaghetti and marinara. 

IMG 9556

Friday’s breakfast:

IMG 9558

My son was with his friends for the day so my daughter and I drove to South Coast Plaza for some shopping. We had lunch at Quattro Cafe.

IMG 9563

I had my favorite thing there: Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza. 

That evening we met my husband and his company at the Anaheim Ducks hockey game. I had a burger for dinner. 

IMG 9568

 After the game, we all got to play some broom ball!

IMG 9589

I actually participated and it was fun. My daughter loved it too! 

Saturday’s breakfast:

IMG 9606

I wasn’t feeling good still on Saturday. I spent most of the day in bed. I think I had a turkey sandwich for lunch but didn’t take a picture. 

We did end up going to Alicia and Joe’s for dinner. They brought Piacere Mio in and I had my favorite pasta there: Pappardelle Wild Boar:

IMG 9608

It’s so good! I can’t order anything else there!

Sunday’s breakfast:

IMG 9610

Another day spent at home. Last day of spring break!

Lunch was a turkey sandwich, chips and pickles:

IMG 9621

For dinner we went to Benihana to properly celebrate my husband’s birthday. 

IMG 9622

IMG 9623

IMG 9624

One of my favorite meals.

Monday’s breakfast:

IMG 9625

I was not ready to get up that early after being on spring break for the past two weeks. It was rough. I took the kids to school and went to the gym to meet my trainer. First workout in a week. Ugh.

I went to Trader Joe’s and came home. I brought some Reduced Guilt Chicken Salad there to make a sandwich for lunch.

IMG 9626

Yuck. It tasted terrible to me. Won’t buy that again.

For dinner I bought Trader Joe’s Kung Pao Chicken.

IMG 9627

Now that was good! I made some rice to go with it and had a bit of my husband’s Thai food leftovers too.

Yesterday's breakfast:

IMG 9629

After I dropped the kids off I went to spin class. Then it was off to a Phillis Carey cooking class! The class was “Spring Dinners”. 

The first “dinner” was Chicken Breasts with Asparagus, Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes in a Boursin Cheese Sauce with Orzo:

IMG 9630

Really good! I mean, Boursin cheese sauce? How could that be bad?

The second “dinner” was Sage and Pecan Crusted Pork Cutlets with Blackberry Drizzle and Haricot Verts and Smoked Gouda Grits:

IMG 9631

Loved the pork. Great crunchy crust!

The final “dinner” was Pepper Crusted Steaks with a Strawberry Zinfandel Sauce and Orange Mustard Aioli with Apple Spinach Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette:

IMG 9633

Unique and good! The aioli was excellent. 

Dessert was Blueberry Cheesecake Galette:

IMG 9632


Last night I went to Lisa’s house for Bunco. It was a small group so it was nice just chatting and catching up. Dinner was Italian!

IMG 9634

She had three types of sauces (marinara, pesto, alfredo) so of course I had to have them all. She also made delicious cannoli!! 

Today’s breakfast: 

IMG 9638

I went to Orange Theory after taking the kids to school. 

I came home and knocked out some to-do’s on my list. Lunch was another turkey sandwich, chips and pickles.

IMG 9639

Debating a much needed car wash this afternoon. My son has a basketball game tonight then it’s off to bed! I can’t wait until I feel 100% again. 

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