Lots of Hula Pie

Saturday was spent relaxing by the pool. 

IMG 4821

We put out a sandwich bar for lunch. I made a half of a roast beef sandwich with macaroni salad, veggies, chips and dip.

IMG 4822

For dinner, we went to Cane & Canoe at the Montage at Kapalua Bay. My meal started with Hamachi Poke (avocado-yuzu mousse & taro chips):

IMG 4828

Delicious! That was followed by the Togarashi Crusted Ahi Tuna (kula corn puree, edamame succotash, grilled baby romaine and papaya mustard):

IMG 4829

The fish and veggies were great but I wasn’t a fan of the sauces….a bit like baby food. Lol.

We ordered a couple different desserts. Coconut Cake (white chocolate custard, local apple bananas, salted caramel ice cream):

IMG 4830

Chocolate Mousse Crunch (grand marnier raspberry sauce & hazelnut florentine): 

IMG 4831

I didn’t take the photo in time before some bites were taken. :) Both desserts were really tasty!

Sunday’s breakfast was toast with Dijon mustard, lox, tomatoes and cucumbers:

IMG 4834

Sunday was a bit like the day before…pool time and sandwiches for lunch. The only difference was that Alicia and I went to the gym at the nearby Montage to get a much needed workout in. 

IMG 4835

In the afternoon we had some crackers, cheese and salami for a snack:

IMG 4836

For dinner we went to Kimo’s Maui. We shared some appetizers. Macadamia Nut Calamari (crisp calamari strips, house made cocktail sauce):

IMG 4837

While the calamari was excellent, the cocktail sauce was outstanding. The best cocktail sauce ever. Spicy and fabulous. You could dip almost anything in that. 

Ahi Poke & Avocado Stack (soy-ginger dressed tuna, Maui onion, avocado, Maui’s Surfing Goat Dairy Cheese, tortilla strips):

IMG 4838

Another winner!

Lastly the Coconut Shrimp (crunchy black tiger shrimp, cider honey mustard dip):

IMG 4839

This was good but the other two outshone this.

For my entree I ordered the Parmesan Crusted Local Fish (herbed panko, lemon beurre blanc, capers):

IMG 4840

Fabulous fish! 

But the best was yet to come:

IMG 4842

Two different kinds of Hula Pie (one with vanilla ice cream and the other with coffee ice cream). I love Hula Pie. It’s hard for me not to order it when I see it!

Monday’s breakfast was another lox toast:

IMG 4843

We went to the beach nearby for a bit.

IMG 4846

For those of you who know me, I’m not a fan of the beach. I really hate the sand. Alicia feels the same way. We decided to be troopers at join everyone at the beach. :)

We came home to get lunch ready. This is what lunch looked like every day at the house. 

IMG 4848

A hot mess. 

IMG 4849

For dinner we went to Duke’s. My dinner started with the Poke Tacos ( fresh ahi, shoe, maui onions, chili flakes, avocado, wasabi aioli):

IMG 4851

I love poke tacos! These were perfect. 

My entree was more ahi. Big surprise. Furikake Ahi Steak (fire grilled sashimi grade ahi, chili oil, truffle unagi glaze, shiitake black bean bok choy, coconut milk steamed bamboo rice, cucumber namasu):

IMG 4852

Another winning ahi dish. This was spicy too!

Guess what dessert was!?!

IMG 4853

Yep. Gotta have it!

Tuesday’s breakfast was scrambled eggs, bacon and half a bagel with onion cream cheese.

IMG 4854

Alicia and I went to the gym at the Montage, then back for pool time. Lunch was grilled cheese and the normal sides. I put bacon and tomato in mine. 

IMG 4856

For dinner, we went to The Plantation House Restaurant. We had a beautiful table with a fabulous view. We enjoyed some wine and cocktails.

IMG 4857

IMG 4858

My meal started with the Hawaiian Bloody Mary Shrimp (herb garlic shrimp, avocado, ogo, ocean vodka mist) which somehow did not get pictured. They actually misted the shrimp with a vodka spray. It was good but it was your standard shrimp cocktail which cocktail sauce which is what I was expecting.

My entree was more ahi! I’m obsessed! Ahi (mushrooms, local organic swiss chard, kaffir lime vin blanc):

IMG 4859

This ahi was the best one yet! My favorite!!

We also shared a side of the Loaded Brussels Sprouts which were also good!

IMG 4860

We shared a few different desserts:

IMG 4861

Such a great dinner!

Wednesday we decided to go back to Slappy Cakes for breakfast. This time I ordered the Avocado Toast Benedict (thick sliced artisan sourdough, avocado mash, peppers, kale, poached eggs, hollandaise):

IMG 4863

I didn’t like this one as much as the Carnitas Benedict sadly. :(

We did enjoy some more of their candied bacon:

IMG 4864

The rest of the day was spent by the pool. Since breakfast was so big, we skipped lunch. We decided to stay in for dinner and barbecue burgers. We served them with all the sides, fries and a couple of different salads. 

IMG 4869

Breakfast on Thursday was toast with peanut butter and some pineapple. 

IMG 4870

Alicia, Joe and their kids left that day. I went to the beach with my family and we came back for lunch. More roast beef sandwiches.

IMG 4872

And veggies and dip!

IMG 4873

For our last dinner in Maui, we went to Merriman’s. I ordered the Ahi Ginger Poke (crushed avocado, Kahuku sea asparagus, ogo, Maui onion, Molokai sweet potato chips):

IMG 4876

Still not tired of it. This one was fabulous!

More ahi for dinner! Wok Charred Ahi Sashimi (won bok cabbage slaw, wasabi soy sauce):

IMG 4877

Dessert was Pineapple Bread Pudding with Toasted Macadamia Nuts:

IMG 4878

Next to the Hula Pie, this one was right up there. Yum!!!

Breakfast Friday was scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.

IMG 4881

We packed up and headed to the airport for our flight to Kauai. We needed something quick for lunch so we stopped at Taco Bell. I had their Chicken Power Bowl which was pretty good for 500 calories. 

IMG 4882

Our flight was delayed and we had an hour drive to our rental house in Kauai. We arrived, got settled, then headed to Gourmet Mediterranean for dinner. We all shared the Margarita Flatbread:

IMG 4883

Eh. The kids liked it but I thought it was bland.

My husband and I shared the Greek salad which was good:

IMG 4884

We both ordered the Chicken Kabob (with hummus & tzatziki, saffron rice, sautéed seasonal vegetables, pita):

IMG 4885

Also bland. Boo. I kicked it up with some Sriracha and it was better. After dinner we stopped at the grocery store to stock the house a bit.

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs with half a bagel with cream cheese. 

IMG 4886

We were super lazy this morning and just hung out at the house. We finally got up and headed out. We stopped for lunch at Hanalei Bay Pizzeria.

IMG 4888

I had a personal size pizza with pepperoni, jalapeños, onions and bell peppers. Pretty good! Afterwards we stopped by a cute little shaved ice and milkshake place. My daughter got a cookies & cream milkshake that was outstanding! I’m not a big milkshake fan but this one was fab!

So that about wraps it up so far! Tomorrow is my son’s 12th birthday so I’m sure we will have some fun things planned!

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  1. We loved ahi too! You are making me want to plan a trip to Maui!!!


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