Going Out With A Bang

Saturday night in Kauai we went to Postcards Cafe for dinner. It was a fail. As soon as we arrived we were told that the service would be slow because it seemed they were under-staffed. That’s fine. But the food was terrible. I don’t mind waiting if the food is good but waiting for over-priced mediocre food is not my jam.

I ordered the Wasabi Crusted Ahi (Hawaiian tuna with mirin sake beurre blanc, rice and veggies):

IMG 4892

There was too much gorpy sauce under the breading on the tuna and the sauce was weird. Thank goodness for the veggies. They were edible. No one liked their food in my family. My poor husband, who doesn’t eat seafood, was stuck with a vegetarian entree that he hated. There was no chicken or steak on the menu. Fail.

Sunday’s breakfast was scrambled eggs and toast:

IMG 4894

We are super lazy over here in Kauai. We chill at our house, hang out on our patio, read, play games and tons of ping-pong. We have a family tournament about every hour. 

Sunday was also my son’s 12th birthday. He went golfing with my husband in the morning then we went to lunch at Federico’s Fresh Mex Cuisine. It’s located in this open shopping area and is an order-at-the-window kind of place with picnic benches all around. I ordered the Fish Burrito. 

IMG 4898

I had to tear it open to see which one was the fish burrito and which one was the carne asada burrito for my husband. Again, no fish. I thought the burrito was really good. They had a self-serve salsa bar with some pretty good salsas, including one super hot one which I liked. A winning meal in Kauai!

For dinner my son wanted to go back to Gourmet Mediterranean. He really liked their burger and it was his birthday so away we went. Since I didn’t like my food last time, I definitely wanted to try something different. My husband and I shared the Caesar Salad:

IMG 4900

Way too much dressing. It would have been good otherwise. We also shared the Linguine Bolognese (beef and lamb bolognese sauce over linguine noodles, finished with parmesan cheese and served with crostinis):

IMG 4901

This was pretty good. I’d order that again. 

Yesterday I decided to get a bit of a workout in. I did a 35 minute tabata workout in our back yard over looking the ocean. It pretty hard! There’s no gym around where we are staying and the roads are super narrow, complete with one-lane bridges so running outside isn’t an option. I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym!

Yesterday’s breakfast was scrambled eggs with salami and cheese:

IMG 4903

We decided to go a bit further out for lunch at ate at The St. Regis Princeville Resort at ate at the Nalu Kai Grill & Bar. I ordered the Traditional Poke Bowl (ahi tuna served with brown rice, spicy sauce, shoyu and topped with nori furikake):

IMG 4904

With some Sriracha on the side, it was pretty tasty!! 

For dinner we went to Kalypso. We all shared the Macho Nachos but with everything on the side so my kids could eat it too. 

IMG 4907

I kind of liked building each nacho bite myself. 

My entree was the Ahi with Stuffed Shrimp:

IMG 4908

Not the best but not the worst. I’d probably order something else next time.

We shared two desserts. Lava Cake:

IMG 4909

Mud Pie:

IMG 4910

Both were delicious and finished in about two minutes.

Today’s breakfast: 

IMG 4911

Today is our last full day here as we leave tomorrow. We decided to go out with a bang. We took a Zipline adventure tour complete with off roading with Princeville Ranch Adventures

The off-roading vehicles were a blast!

IMG 4913

IMG 4919





We rode for about 5 miles to our zipline. 


My kids and I had never gone zip-lining so we were nervous but excited! 



So much fun!!!!

We hiked down to our lunch spot were we made our own sandwiches. My phone was buried in my backpack so no picture.

Then it was time to off-road back!



My son declared it the most fun thing he’s ever done. :) 

See ya back in San Diego!

Have you ever been zip-lining?

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