139.6...Killer Time Change

On our last night in Kauai, we went back to Kalypso for dinner. This time I ordered the Fresh Fish Burger which I really enjoyed!

IMG 4930

For dessert, we got the kids the Chocolate Lava Cake again which they loved. I managed to only have one bite.

IMG 4931

I was saving myself for Pink’s Creamery across the street. I could always smell waffle cones baking from their store and had to try it!

IMG 4932

I cannot remember the exact name of the flavor I chose but I know I picked it because of al the fudge sauce running through it. It was delicious! Great ice cream!

Wednesday’s breakfast was scrambled eggs with salami and cheese:

IMG 4933

We packed up and headed to the airport. We decided to stop at Duke’s since it was close to the airport. I brought some Cholula from our house with me. No restaurant on the island seemed to have it so I finally figured out to bring it with us.

IMG 4935

We all shared nachos to start. The Cholula was a great addition. 

IMG 4936

It was an even better addition to my Fish Tacos:

IMG 4937

They were really good!! 

Of course we had to have a Hula Pie for dessert!

IMG 4939

A perfect last meal in Hawaii! 

On the plane I had a cheese plate for dinner. It was actually a decent one. We got home at 2:00AM. 

By Thursday morning, the time change had really messed with us. I think I woke up around 10:00AM, my kids around noon. Going that direction is really rough!

Breakfast was my old usual. I really missed it.

IMG 4941

I went to the gym, ran errands and stopped at Green Spot Salad Company for lunch. Sesame Ginger Ahi Bowl:

IMG 4942

And, yes, I brought my own Sriracha. 

For dinner I made One-Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta and Chicken:

IMG 4944

As well as a Caesar salad:

IMG 4945

Friday’s breakfast:

IMG 4992

I went to the gym, came home to get laundry started. Lunch was tuna salad, pickles and crackers:

IMG 4993

We went to my son’s basketball game, then off to the Padres baseball game. I stopped at Wonderland Ocean Pub for some tuna poke:

IMG 4994

It was good but small. I ended up snacking off of other’s plates. 

Saturday’s breakfast was toast with peanut butter. 

IMG 5002

I hit the gym and came home to get stuff done around the house. Lunch was a tuna melt and pickles: 

IMG 5003

To celebrate my son’s birthday, we took him, a friend and my daughter go cart racing. They had a blast! For dinner we went to Buca di Beppo. We shared a Caesar Salad:

IMG 5018

And our favorite dish there:

IMG 5019

Spicy Chicken Rigatoni! 

Sunday’s breakfast:

IMG 5022

I went to Orange Theory and came home for lunch. Tuna salad on a green salad:

IMG 5023

For dinner, we took some friends to Burger Night at our club. 

IMG 5025

My standard lettuce-wrapped turkey burger with onions, tomatoes, jalapeños, chipotle aioli and sweet potato fries. Seriously one of my favorite meals. I love ending the weekend with Burger Night!

Monday. It was rough waking up early. Really rough. I still don’t feel like I’m back on California time. 


IMG 5031

I took the kids to school, then hit the gym. 

I went to an appointment, then met some friends for lunch at Sushi on the Rock. I shared the usual with Alicia:

IMG 5032

IMG 5035

IMG 5036

Sunkist and Nighthawk Rolls:

IMG 5033

IMG 5034

I went to my son’s school baseball game then home finally for dinner. I reheated leftover One-Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta and Chicken and made a Caesar salad:

IMG 5038

IMG 5039

That was about all I had in me today. Two weeks off from my normal routine makes a regular Monday hard!

How do you deal with adjusting to time changes when traveling? 

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