137.6...Insane in the Brain

Saturday night was my husband’s company’s holiday party. Before I left for the hotel, I had a quick lunch of tuna salad, crackers and pickles.

IMG 1741

I left and headed to the Grand Del Mar where the party was later that night. I had a That’s It bar before heading to the party so I wouldn’t attack the food when I got there.

IMG 1742

Party time!!

IMG 1816

The party started on the heated patio for about an hour of cocktails and appetizers. The food being passed around was excellent! My husband invited a bunch of our friends which made the party extra special. 

IMG 1797

IMG 1747

IMG 1751

IMG 1800

We moved into the ballroom for a buffet dinner. 

IMG 1794

IMG 1752

IMG 1757

IMG 1760

IMG 1762

IMG 1810

I had to restrain myself at the buffet. Everything looked (as was) so good!

IMG 1787

Usually at these things, the food isn’t all that great but this wasn’t the case that night. 

Let’s be real though. The focus of the event was not the food. It was the entertainment. 

IMG 1791

Cypress Hill performed and they were INSANE!!!!! 

IMG 1789

For whatever reason, my husband and I ended up on stage. A few minutes of awkward (yet beyond fun) dancing ensued. LOL! 

IMG 1825

IMG 1827

Cypress Hill put on an amazing concert! Afterwards, they hung out with everyone taking pictures. 

IMG 1788

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IMG 1802

IMG 1823


IMG 1841

After Cypress Hill left, the DJ began playing and we dancing until way past my bedtime. Best party ever!!

Breakfast was much needed Sunday morning.

IMG 1821

Egg white omelet, sliced tomatoes and wheat toast. And lots of coffee. 

Lunch was more tuna, pickles and crackers at home. 

IMG 1835

For dinner we went over to Alicia’s. She made pasta and salad. 

IMG 1840

I cannot tell you how good those carbs tasted. :)

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 1851

After I took the kids to school, I went to the gym. Then I went to an appointment, followed by lunch at Marketplace Grill.

IMG 1856

Grilled chicken Greek salad. My favorite. 

I’m making a new recipe for dinner tonight from the Skinnytaste cookbook. Here’s to another winner!

Were/are you a Cypress Hill fan?

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