Fourth Festivities

On Saturday night we took my son to a Padres baseball game. I had a couple plates of sushi and other assorted goodies. 

IMG 9731

The cookies were really good. :)

IMG 9732

The game ended with my son catching a foul ball and the game ending with a walk off homer for the Padres win AND a laser and firework show. Awesome night!

IMG 9736

Sunday’s breakfast:

IMG 9747

We left right after breakfast to check into the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club for the rest of the holiday weekend. We got our spot on the beach right away, met up with some friends and hung out until lunch. We took a quick lunch break at Shore Rider. We all split the Shore Rider Chicken Nachos (chicken tinga, refried black beans, chile verde cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, cotija cheese):

IMG 9748

Great nachos! They put on tons of guac which was great!

I had the Ahi Poke “Surfer Sashimi” (fresh raw cubed ahi, soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil, green onion, wasabi peas, seaweed salad):

IMG 9749

This was a seriously substantial serving of poke. I was impressed! I also ordered one fish taco:

IMG 9750

After I knocked all the pineapple off, I ate it. :) Pretty good!

We went back to the beach where we spent the rest of the day. 

We went to The Spot with some friends and their kids for dinner. I ordered a pizza with onions, bell peppers and jalapeños. 

IMG 9752

Pretty good!

Yesterday we got up and went right back to the beach. We had some friends join us. We had Harry’s Coffee Shop to-go for breakfast. My friend Kate and I split the Veggie Breakfast Burrito (scrambled eggs, American cheese, tomato, onion & hash brown potatoes wrapped in a large flour tortilla):

IMG 9753

So delicious!!! 

Again, we spent the whole day at the beach. We picked up Shore Rider for lunch. I had to have the Ahi Poke again. Too good not to.

IMG 9756

My husband picked up my daughter nearby who had just come back from her two week sleep away camp. Our entire family was back together again!

Last night we went to Kate’s dad’s house for dinner and fireworks. He had a taco cart there making chicken and steak tacos. I had one of each. Yum!

IMG 9757

 Dessert was courtesy Michele Coulon Dessertier:

IMG 9758

Kate, Perla and I almost tried them all. Lol. 

IMG 9766

We watched the fireworks and went back to the hotel.

We packed up this morning and drove the short distance home. Breakfast:

IMG 9778

I took my son to an appointment then had a salami sandwich and cucumbers and ranch for lunch.

IMG 9779

I picked up the dogs, went to the dry cleaner and grocery store. Back to normal life!

What did your 4th of July look like?

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