144.8...Feeling My Age

On Friday night we went to Alborz for dinner. We used to go there all the time years ago but hadn’t been in awhile. We were craving Persian food so we gave it a try. My husband and I shared some hummus and pita. 

IMG 7015

It was ok. Nothing to write home about. 

My meal came with soup or salad. I remember really liking their salad so I went with that. 

IMG 7016

The salad was really good. My memory served me well.

My entree was the Lamb Shish Kebob:

IMG 7017

More salad. :) The lamb was over cooked for my liking but other than that, it was ok. Not as good as I remember. 

Breakfast Saturday: 

IMG 7018

It was a pretty chill day at home. Laundry, relaxing, etc. We went to Pizza Rev, our new favorite pizza place, for lunch. 

IMG 7019

So good. 

I got dressed for Lisa’s birthday party. We all met at her house and then headed downtown to Parq Restaurant and Nightclub for dinner and dancing. 

IMG 7022

The birthday girl!

IMG 7042

IMG 7023

IMG 7041

IMG 7040

IMG 7045

IMG 7046

IMG 7051

Our meal started with the Little Gem salad (lardon, red onion, brioche, pear, walnuts, blue cheese dressing):

IMG 7027

The table shared Ceviche Arbol (today’s catch, red onion, cilantro, citrus, chile oil):

IMG 7028

As well as Crispy Brussels (bacon, chili pepper, balsamic, parmigiano):

IMG 7030

For my entree, I chose the Salmon (rapini, rhubarb, Peruvian potatoes):

IMG 7031

The Brussels were outstanding but I wasn’t impressed with the rest. Boo! 

We moved from the restaurant to the club for the second half of the night!

IMG 7052

IMG 7065

Conner Cruise, Tom Cruise’s son was the DJ of the night. 

IMG 7069

We had a blast dancing!

IMG 7071

IMG 7092

IMG 7053

I didn’t go to bed until 3:00AM. That is BEYOND late for me!! I’m too old for that kind of stuff. Lol. 

Sunday morning I was dragging. Breakfast helped a bit.

IMG 7034

My husband picked up Los Primos for lunch. We split carne asada mini tacos and a bean and cheese burrito. 

IMG 7035


I laid on the couch and watched football all day. No joke. Did nothing. My body is not used to staying up that late. It’s funny…I would do that all the time in college with no problem!! I’m not in my 20’s anymore. 

I dragged my tired butt off the couch for some Spicy Noodles at Taste of Thai. Remember last time we went with a level 8 for spice level and it was too much? 

IMG 7099

This time we picked a level 7. I think it was even spicier than last time!! And we can handle our spice too….guess next time it’s a 5?

Breakfast today:

IMG 7100

After I took the kids to school, I went to Hardline class at the gym. Lunch was with a friend at Urban Plates.  I had the albacore, Brussels sprouts and mushroom sauté with sweet potatoes. Yum!

IMG 7101

My son is at basketball practice so I’m going to reheat something quick for dinner and go pick him up. When is Friday again?? :)

How often do you go out dancing?

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