142.0...The Holiday Parties Continue

I’m still on the same breakfast bandwagon. No telling when I’ll get off.

IMG 5526

Yesterday morning I went to an appointment, then to Urban Plates for lunch. I had the Albacore with Brussels Sprouts and Tomato Basil Soup.

IMG 5528

I went to my son’s school basketball game, then home to get ready for a special party at Diana’s house. She had me and my friends over for a special Christmas dinner. We all wore black and gold and Diana had a photographer there for a bit taking photos. Hopefully I’ll get to share some of those with you soon. Until then, you’re stuck with the photos on my camera. :)

IMG 3866

IMG 3869

IMG 3864

The night started out with some appetizers. I brought over my Roasted Red Pepper Feta Dip.

IMG 3859

IMG 3860

Diana’s table was decorated in black and gold as well. Everything was so beautiful! 

IMG 3856

IMG 3857

IMG 3858

Diana and her husband spoiled us with a delicious dinner!

Cedar Plank Salmon:

IMG 3871


IMG 3874


IMG 3873

Lisa brought her amazing mashed potatoes:

IMG 3872

Everything was delicious!

IMG 5530

IMG 3877

IMG 3878

IMG 3885

IMG 3890

IMG 3893

Next up: the gift exchange! We had so much fun!

IMG 3896

IMG 3897

IMG 3900

IMG 3909

IMG 3908

Thank you Diana for such a fun evening with friends!! xoxo

Breakfast this morning:

IMG 5531

My husband took the kids to school so I stayed home at got some work done. Lunch was a turkey sandwich and Cool Ranch Doritos. 

IMG 5532

I really need to go grocery shopping. I’m about out of vegetables and other necessities. 

Have you participated in any sort of gift exchange this year? Did you get anything good?

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