143.4...The Birthday Finale

My final birthday celebration was Thursday night at The Pony Room at Rancho Valencia.

IMG 3978

IMG 3969

IMG 3982

IMG 3981

We all shared several appetizers. Lobster Nachos (jack & cheddar cheese, avocado, corn salsa, roasted poblano, Guajillo aioli, shredded romaine):

IMG 3964

Jalapeño Hamachi Crudo (house ponzu, spicy togarashi):

IMG 3974

RV Artichoke (lemon caper aioli, drawn butter):

IMG 3975

Brandt Farm Beef Sliders (“the sauce”, crispy onion, béarnaise, bacon):

IMG 3976

Honolulu Ahi Sashimi (avocado, ponzu, sesame seeds, sweet & sour dipping sauce):

IMG 3996

The lobster nachos were outstanding but the sliders are my personal favorite. I really enjoyed the sashimi too! 

IMG 3993

Just like that, my “birthday week” came and went! Another year older!

Breakfast yesterday:

IMG 5730

After I took the kids to school, I went to Zumba class. Lunch was with some friends at Big Bang Sushi

Garlic Chili Edamame:

IMG 5760

 Fried Gyoza:

IMG 5761

Miso soup:

IMG 5765

Tuna sushi:

IMG 5763

Salmon & Yellowtail sushi:

IMG 5764

Hot Night and Marine Boy Rolls:

IMG 5762

Sushi coma. :)

Last night I made pizzas for dinner using Trader Joe’s pizza dough.

IMG 5766

IMG 5767

And a salad:

IMG 5768

And of course we gotta have some leftover red velvet cake to round out the meal!

IMG 5769

This may surprise you but my breakfast this morning was different.

IMG 5771

I made a breakfast burrito with a scrambled egg, onions and cheddar cheese. Just felt like something different finally. :) No guarantee it’s permanent. 

We are having a fabulous lazy day at home today. I love it. 

Lunch was a turkey sandwich, veggies and ranch.

IMG 5777

I will leave you with a picture of Arnold. She is ready for the holidays!

IMG 5775

Are you finished with your holiday shopping?

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