Mountain Grub

I might not be a fan of the mountains or snow or being cold but there’s nothing like a hot meal of comfort food after coming in from the cold. After the kids finishing skiing, we went to lunch at Burgers. It’s a small, family owned restaurant that serves amazing burgers. I had a cheeseburger and fries. Perfection.

IMG 0391

The snow wasn’t very good yesterday so the kids and the husband quit skiing for the day. We hung out in the room for awhile. We went to dinner at Smokeyard BBQ & Chop Shop. I wasn’t very hungry so I ordered the BLT Wedge Salad.

IMG 0392

It was supposed to come with a “dark balsamic drizzle” but the drizzle was more like a ladle of balsamic. It was a bit too sweet. I would have loved it with a bit less balsamic. Everything else I saw looked delicious…too bad I wasn’t hungry! Damn burger!

Last night it snowed so it was beautiful outside when we woke up. My husband and the kids took off for skiing and I enjoyed the view from inside. 

IMG 0394

I did venture out to Starbucks for a breakfast sandwich. It was day #2 that they were out of my favorite reduced-fat turkey bacon sandwich so I had the bacon and gouda sandwich today. It was quite good. 

IMG 0395

I’m waiting for the husband and kids to finish skiing and I will meet them for lunch. Guess I have to venture out into the elements again, huh?

Any fun weekend plans?

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