145.8...Some Healthy, Some Not

Usually when I travel, I eat what I want. When I come home is when I try to clean up my act. My eats in Mammoth were definitely not the healthiest but they were darn tasty!

In Mammoth, we went back to Burgers for lunch on Saturday. We all split the chili cheese fries:

IMG 0398

Since that was a meal itself, I opted for a tuna salad instead of a cheeseburger. 

IMG 0399

Later that night for dinner, I wasn’t super hungry but we knew we needed to eat something. We headed off to the The Mogul for dinner. I enjoyed their salad bar and had a cup of mushroom soup.

IMG 0402

IMG 0403

Even though I wasn’t super hungry, I always have room for dessert. Almond Mocha Fudge Ice Cream Pie:

IMG 0404

That was worth it. 

On Sunday morning, we woke up to snow. 

IMG 0407

I didn’t feel like running over to Starbucks so I made coffee in the room and had some of my kids’ Apple Jacks cereal for breakfast. 

IMG 0405

Lunch before we left was at Gomez’s again. Guacamole and salsa:

IMG 0408

I ordered a taco salad but the photo disappeared from my camera. The salad was great!

We flew home (crazy turbulence again) and picked up Pei Wei for dinner. That photo disappeared too but I had a Spicy Tuna Roll and a Wasabi Roll.

Breakfast Monday morning was Honey Nut Cheerios and almond milk. Back home=time to clean it up.

IMG 0410

After I took the kids to school, it was off to Dina’s house to celebrate Cathi’s birthday with a fabulous breakfast!

IMG 0415

IMG 0412

IMG 0411

IMG 0413

IMG 0416

IMG 0414

I managed to avoid all those delicious things but enjoyed celebrating with the beautiful, Cathi. Happy Birthday!

IMG 0417

Later on I stopped at Subway for a turkey sandwich for lunch.

IMG 0418

I ran some errands and picked up the kids from school. My son had basketball practice that night so I took my daughter to Mia Francesca for dinner while we waited. I had a Caesar salad:

IMG 0436

As well as Beef Carpaccio: 

IMG 0435

Breakfast yesterday was Honey Nut Cheerios again:

IMG 0439

Lunch was Corner Bakery’s Chopped Salad and Chili.

IMG 0442

Last night was Bunco at Kimberly’s house. 

IMG 0448

Dinner was Indian food from Kasi. I enjoyed two plates that looked like this:

IMG 0451

Dessert was mini cupcakes from Extraordinary Desserts :

IMG 0458

Beautiful! I heard they were good but I did not eat one. I actually didn’t feel like it! Weird! :)

Breakfast this morning was cereal again. Just tastes good.

IMG 0460

I dropped the kids off at the school then went to the gym. 

Today I’m spending the day doing laundry, paying bills, etc. I need to have one of those kinds of days a week to keep up with everything. 

Lunch was tuna salad and celery sticks.

IMG 0461

Tomorrow we are off to Park City, Utah for another ski trip. I’m sure you know how excited I am. ;)

Do you try and eat healthy on vacation?

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