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Thursday’s lunch was an old favorite.

IMG 8584

Green Spot Salad Company’s Sesame Ginger Ahi Bowl. Yes, I bring my own Sriracha there because they don’t have hot sauce. 

For dinner we went to Firenze to celebrate my daughter’s 11th birthday a day early. I had the Insalata Firenze (romaine, Bermuda onion, carrot, mushrooms, roma tomatoes tossed with Italian vinaigrette) to start:

IMG 8595

My husband and I shared the Chicken Marsala: 

IMG 8596

We’ve been sharing a lot of dishes lately and it makes so much more sense! The portions at restaurants are huge. Also, I feel like I get to try more things this way too!

Friday’s breakfast:

IMG 8598

I took my daughter to school (my son was still sick) then went to Orange Theory with Alicia. I hadn’t been since before Christmas it was tough. I felt like I had lead in my legs the whole time. Little did I know I was actually coming down with a cold….

After my workout, I had an Rxbar for a snack.

IMG 8600

I picked up doughnuts for my daughter’s class party and an ice cream cake for her sleepover party that evening. I also picked up Jersey Mike’s for lunch. I hate half my turkey and provolone sandwich before heading to my daughter’s class for her party. 

IMG 8601

When I got home later, I ate the other half. 

IMG 8604

We took everyone to Westroot Tavern for dinner. My daughter’s choice. My meal started with a wedge salad:

IMG 8605

Should have split this with my husband but the server said it wasn’t that big. Lol.

We did split the En Fuego Burger (ghost chile cheese, sambal cream, roasted serrano chiles, onion rings, spicy citrus guacamole):

IMG 8606

It was spicy and amazing. Loved it!

We came home to sing happy birthday and have ice cream cake.

IMG 8610

I ate a nice size piece and got everyone tucked in and went to bed. 

Saturday’s breakfast:

IMG 8611

I definitely had a cold by then but it wasn’t stopping me from being super productive. For my daughter’s Hanukkah/birthday gifts, we repainted her room and got her all new bedding/accessories. The painter came that morning and it just ended up being a busy day around the house. 

For lunch I had a turkey sandwich and pickle spears. 

IMG 8612

We went out with a bunch of friends to Manhattan of La Jolla to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Love this place! 

I didn’t like my wedge salad though. I asked for ranch and it tasted straight out of a warm salad dressing bottle. Yuck! My entree made up for it though. I split the Chicken Piccata with my husband. 

IMG 8617

We also enjoyed some homemade chocolate birthday cake and some dancing before calling it a night.

Yesterday’s breakfast: 

IMG 8618

I woke up feeling pretty crappy so I laid around all day. I had plans to be super productive but that didn’t happen.

We ordered in Ototo Sushi for lunch.

IMG 8619

I did find some energy to go grocery shopping and make dinner. I made “Cheater” Spaghetti Bolognese as I call it and a salad. 

IMG 8620

IMG 8622

I still felt a bit under the weather this morning. Normal breakfast: 

IMG 8623

Got the kids to school then met with my trainer at the gym. I actually felt better after the workout. I think I needed a good sweat session.

A Square Organics bar for a snack:

IMG 8624

Today I’ve been trying to catch up from not doing anything yesterday. Lunch was a salami sandwich and a salad:

IMG 8625

I’m about to put dinner in the slow cooker and head out for my son’s basketball game. Happy Monday!

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