148.4...A New Year!

Happy New Year!! I’ve definitely spent the last couple of days trying to get caught up with life in general. Everything gets pushed aside during the holidays and now it’s time to get back into gear!

On the evening of the 26th, we went to Westroot Tavern for dinner. My kids love this place. We shared Buffalo Hot Wings to start.

IMG 8455

It was Taco Tuesday so I had to get tacos. Two fish tacos:

IMG 8456

Breakfast on the 27th:

IMG 8457

My husband’s company was sponsoring the Holiday Bowl Luncheon and Parade so we headed off to the luncheon that morning. There was a sit down lunch with three courses:

IMG 8459

IMG 8460

IMG 8461

Decent for a mass produced meal. The luncheon was fun complete with bands from both the teams: Michigan State and Washington State.

That evening I reheated some pasta that my sister in law sent home with us from Christmas and made a salad to go with it.

IMG 8465

IMG 8466

Breakfast on the 28th:

IMG 8467

Then it was Holiday Bowl Parade time!

IMG 8490

After the parade, we picked up Taco Bell for lunch on the way home. 

IMG 8494

It was a quick change then off to the actual Holiday Bowl and tailgate. At the tailgate there was a buffet dinner.

IMG 8495

Game time!

IMG 8501

It wasn’t the most exciting game but in the end Michigan State won!

Breakfast on the 29th:

IMG 8502

Then we hit the road for Palm Desert with Kate & John and their family. We unpacked then went to Fresh Agave for lunch. We shared guacamole to start.

IMG 8503

I had a cheese enchilada with grilled onions a la carte. By the time I eat all that guacamole, I’m not that hungry.

IMG 8504

We spent the day just relaxing at the house. Our other friends Lawrence and Michelle arrived and we went to dinner at our club. My meal began with a wedge salad.

IMG 8505

And ended with Hamachi:

IMG 8506

For breakfast on the 30th, we went to our club. Two eggs over easy, bacon, hash browns with jalapeños and onions and sourdough toast. One of my all-time favorite breakfasts.

IMG 8507

More relaxing at the house. It was super nice to do nothing for a few days! 

For lunch we ordered California Pizza Kitchen. I had the Italian Chopped Salad:

IMG 8508

Dinner was at Mastro’s. 

IMG E8509

I had the Chopped Wedge Salad for an appetizer, along with some shellfish from the seafood tower we ordered. 

IMG 8510

For whatever reason the salad wasn’t that great. Bummer. 

I wasn’t super hungry so I had the French Onion Soup for my entree. 

IMG 8511

The croutons were a bit burnt which stinks.

Dessert was the Butter Cake which is normally awesome…this one was a bit dry. Boo!

IMG 8512

I normally have a fabulous meal there but they were a bit off that night I guess. The people watching at that particular Mastro’s is amazing though. Made up for the lackluster food.

Sunday’s (New Year’s Eve) breakfast was a repeat:

IMG 8520

We went to a late lunch at the club. I kept it simple with a cheese quesadilla:

IMG 8526

Then it was time to start celebrating!

IMG 8528

IMG 8529

IMG 8555

IMG 8557

We enjoyed New Year’s Eve dinner at the club. It was a set menu which I was disappointed about but should have figured so.

IMG 8561

IMG 8562

IMG 8563

IMG 8564

Again, normally the food there is outstanding but this was just so-so. There were 200 people at our seating so I can’t imagine everything would be perfect. After dinner, we danced a bit and rang in the year and went to bed!

New Years Day (Monday) we went to the club for breakfast. I had the same thing. If it ain’t broke….

Everyone headed home sadly that morning. For lunch we ordered from Manhattan in the Desert. I had a salami sandwich and macaroni salad.

IMG 8565

We had other friends stop by for dinner. We went to Shogun. 

Onion soup:

IMG 8566


IMG 8567

NY steak and fried rice:

IMG 8568

I love that meal!

Tuesday I made a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese and lots of hot sauce.

IMG 8569

We packed up and hit the road for home. We stopped at In N Out for lunch.

IMG 8570

Always fabulous. 

For dinner we tried Gor Gai Thai Eatery which opened recently near us. It’s mostly a takeout place but there are a few tables there to eat. My husband and I shared the Red Curry with Chicken and the Drunken Noodles with Chicken:

IMG 8571

We may had gone a bit overboard in telling them to make it really spicy. Lol. Besides the extra heat, it was really good! We will definitely go back!

Wednesday’s breakfast:

IMG 8573

It was rough getting up early to get the kids to school. Back to reality!

I went to a spin class at the gym. Felt good to get back into the gym.

After workout snack:

IMG 8574

I went home and spent the whole day going through mail, paying bills and cleaning out my inbox. Feeling much more caught up now!

Lunch was a tuna melt with pickles:

IMG 8575

I picked the kids up from school and had some yogurt with almonds for a snack:

IMG 8576

Dinner was Thai leftovers. Tasted just as good (and spicy!) reheated.

IMG 8577

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 8578

My son is home sick today (something is definitely going around) but I dropped my daughter off at school and got a workout in with my trainer. 

Snack on the way home:

IMG 8582

I’m going to run a couple of errands today and that’s about it. Here’s to a great start to the New Year!

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