Wednesday, February 22, 2017

138.2...Back on the Healthy Train

On Monday night I went to Kate’s house to hear a speaker on parenting. It was definitely very interesting but what also grabbed my attention were all the goodies she had out to eat:

IMG 2961

Of course I tried a bit of everything. I hadn’t had dinner so I didn’t feel bad. :)

Yesterday’s breakfast:

IMG 2967

I definitely need to get back on the healthy eating train after all my Austin eats! I went to the gym for a leg workout then went to an appointment. I came home for lunch. Turkey sandwich, veggies, hummus and spinach & kale dip:

IMG 2971

I was stuck at home all day waiting for my new washer and dryer to be delivered. My old washer is on it’s last leg. I had it 13 years so I think I got my money out of it.

For dinner I roasted some salmon with paprika, Italian seasoning and lemon juice and had big salad with lots of veggies and feta cheese. 

IMG 2974

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 2977

After taking the kids to school, I went to Orange Theory. Lunch was a repeat of yesterday:

IMG 2980

I was supposed to have a meeting tonight but it was canceled so I’ll be enjoying a relaxing evening at home.

 Have you been off the healthy train lately as well?

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Austin Eats

Wednesday night my son had a late basketball game so I reheated the last of the One-Pot Cheesy Italian Chicken and Pasta for dinner before we left. 

IMG 2904

I need to make another pot of this soon.

Thursday’s breakfast:

IMG 2906

After I took the kids to school I went to the gym. I ran some errands and went to Napizza for lunch. 

IMG 2910

Greek Quinoa Salad. Really delicious. 

We went to dinner that night at Firenze. I had the Spaghetti and Chicken Meatballs. 

IMG 2929

I brought two of the meatballs home and stuck them in the freezer for another night. 

Friday morning we were up extra early to catch our flight to Austin, Texas for my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah weekend. I ate toast with peanut butter before heading out the door. 

On the plane I had a turkey and gouda sandwich:

IMG 2934

After we arrived, we checked into the Westin downtown then walked to Iron Cactus for lunch. Our lunch started with table side guacamole. 

IMG 2936

Pretty good. It’s hard to screw up table side guac. 

I ordered the fish tacos which weren’t that great.

IMG 2937

I ate one of the tacos then focused on the guacamole. 

That evening we went to Cooper’s BBQ for the Friday Night Dinner for the Bar Mitzvah. We were treated to a barbecue buffet that had all the fixings!

IMG 2939

After I ate my weight in barbecue, we went back to the hotel and called it a night.

Saturday morning we got dressed and headed to the temple for the Bar Mitzvah. On the way we stopped at Starbucks and grabbed breakfast. I had the Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich.

IMG 2941

After services we enjoyed a buffet lunch. Plate numero uno: 

IMG 2943


IMG 2944

Lol. Gotta try everything!

We came back to the hotel and I went to the gym. 

That evening was the party for my nephew. It was sports themed and had all the food you’d associate with a tailgate. 

Chips, queso, seven-layer dip:

IMG 2947

I basically tried everything. Pizza, chicken and waffles, mac n cheese, meatloaf, veggies and dip, etc.

IMG 2948

Good thing I went to the gym!! 

Yesterday morning there was a farewell brunch catered by Taco Deli. There were all sorts of breakfast tacos to try. 

IMG 2954

I enjoyed three of them. :)

It was back to the gym after that. 

Dinner was at my bother in law and sister in law’s house. They brought in Tex-Mex from Chuy’s. I had a couple of tacos that looked like this:

IMG 2956

And some cake that looked like this:

IMG 2957

We said our goodbyes and went back to the hotel.

Breakfast this morning was via room service. Egg white omelet with arugula salad. I think it was time for some greens in my diet. 

IMG 2958

We headed to the airport and flew home. We stopped for lunch at Pei Wei. Well, the husband and the kids did anyway. I picked up the Greek Quinoa Salad from Napizza. 

IMG 2959

Tomorrow it’s back to some more healthy eats for sure!

What’s in your ideal taco?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

137.8...V Day Yummies

On Sunday night, my son and husband went to the Gulls hockey game with Joe and his son. So Alicia and I brought our daughters to Love Boat Sushi for dinner. We shared our favorites….

Miso Soup:

IMG 2863

Tuna sushi:

IMG 2864

Salmon & yellowtail sushi:

IMG 2867

Marine Boy Roll:

IMG 2865

Wasabi Roll:

IMG 2866

Monday’s breakfast:

IMG 2870

I took the kids to school, then went to the gym for a leg workout. I ran some errands and came home for lunch. Turkey sandwich, veggies, hummus and spinach & kale dip.

IMG 2872

Monday evening we had the One-Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta and Chicken leftovers.

IMG 2874

I had so many people make this already and tell me how awesome it is! I plan on making this again soon but maybe trying a short cut pasta. Stay tuned.

I also had a green salad to go with it:

IMG 2875

Yesterday’s breakfast:

IMG 2881

After drop off, I went to the gym. This time it was a hardcore chest, back and triceps workout along with a 30 minute run. I was beat afterwards. 

Lunch was Urban Plates. Standard plate of albacore, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. 

IMG 2882

I went to a PTO meeting in the afternoon then home to get ready for Valentine’s Day dinner with my husband and some friends. 

We went to Red Tracton’s.  Our table shared potato skins to start:

IMG 2889

For my entree, I ordered their sea bass special. It was really good!

IMG 2891

So was their loaded baked potato! 

IMG 2892

I know it looks like a mess but it was the tastiest mess ever! Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day!

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 2893

After school drop off, it was off to Orange Theory. I got my nails done, then picked up Marketplace Grill to bring home for lunch.

IMG 2896

Such a fabulous salad!

Just like that, it’s time to go get the kids from school! Have a great evening! 

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

137.0...One-Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta and Chicken

As promised, here is the recipe for One-Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta and Chicken. Please make ASAP. You won’t be disappointed! And you can’t tell me that the recipe was hard to make….you just dump everything into the same pot!

IMG 2848

One-Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta and Chicken (Serves 6)

Recipe from The Slow Roasted Italian


8 ounces baby spinach leaves, divided

1 cup sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil and Italian herbs, drained (about 7 ounces)

1 large yellow onion, sliced

1 pound uncooked boneless, skinless chicken breasts (cut into 1/2” bite size pieces)

6 garlic cloves, sliced

1 pound dry linguine

2 tsp. dried Italian seasoning

2 tsp. kosher salt

1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper

1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes

4 cups chicken stock

1 cup Chardonnay wine

4 ounces fresh Parmesan cheese, shredded


1. Combine 1/2 of the spinach with the tomatoes, onion, chicken, garlic, linguine, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper in a 5-quart Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Pour chicken stock and wine over top. Cover and bring to a boil.

2. Cook 7-9 minutes until pasta is al dente (with a bite to it). Toss pasta with tongs occasionally to keep the pasta from sticking to the bottom of the pot. You will still have some liquid in the pan when the pasta is done cooking. This is going to make the base for our delicious cheese sauce. 

3. Turn off the heat and add the cheese to the pasta. Toss pasta with tongs until the cheese melts into the pasta. Toss in remaining spinach. Serve and enjoy!

Printable Recipe

IMG 2847

Friday night we took the kids to Pizza Rev for dinner. 

IMG 2853

This pizza is only 500 calories and makes me beyond happy. After dinner, we went to Valley View to see the Harlem Globetrotters. The show was seriously fabulous. Even my sports-hating daughter enjoyed it. If you ever get the chance to see them, do so!!

Saturday’s breakfast was scrambled eggs instead of a poached egg:

IMG 2855

I went to the gym and did laundry. Lunch was the rest of the Quinoa Greek Salad, veggies, hummus and Trader Joe’s Spinach and Kale Dip.

IMG 2856

Last night we went out to celebrate Cathi’s birthday. We saw the movie “50 Shades Darker” and we all wore gray. We went to dinner at Davanti. Lisa decorated the table with themed cookies!

IMG 2858

Everyone shared a few different pizzas.

IMG 2859

We also shared my favorite: Focaccia di Recco (Ligurian flatbread, soft cow’s cheese, honeycomb):

IMG 2860

After dinner we saw the movie. I liked it better than the first one but the book is definitely better!

Today’s breakfast was a repeat of yesterday’s:

IMG 2861

Today has been pretty chill. Just getting stuff done around the house. Lunch was tuna salad, hummus, kale dip and veggies:

IMG 2862

Enjoy the rest of your weekend?

Have you seen either of the 50 Shades movies?

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