137.8...V Day Yummies

On Sunday night, my son and husband went to the Gulls hockey game with Joe and his son. So Alicia and I brought our daughters to Love Boat Sushi for dinner. We shared our favorites….

Miso Soup:

IMG 2863

Tuna sushi:

IMG 2864

Salmon & yellowtail sushi:

IMG 2867

Marine Boy Roll:

IMG 2865

Wasabi Roll:

IMG 2866

Monday’s breakfast:

IMG 2870

I took the kids to school, then went to the gym for a leg workout. I ran some errands and came home for lunch. Turkey sandwich, veggies, hummus and spinach & kale dip.

IMG 2872

Monday evening we had the One-Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta and Chicken leftovers.

IMG 2874

I had so many people make this already and tell me how awesome it is! I plan on making this again soon but maybe trying a short cut pasta. Stay tuned.

I also had a green salad to go with it:

IMG 2875

Yesterday’s breakfast:

IMG 2881

After drop off, I went to the gym. This time it was a hardcore chest, back and triceps workout along with a 30 minute run. I was beat afterwards. 

Lunch was Urban Plates. Standard plate of albacore, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. 

IMG 2882

I went to a PTO meeting in the afternoon then home to get ready for Valentine’s Day dinner with my husband and some friends. 

We went to Red Tracton’s.  Our table shared potato skins to start:

IMG 2889

For my entree, I ordered their sea bass special. It was really good!

IMG 2891

So was their loaded baked potato! 

IMG 2892

I know it looks like a mess but it was the tastiest mess ever! Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day!

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 2893

After school drop off, it was off to Orange Theory. I got my nails done, then picked up Marketplace Grill to bring home for lunch.

IMG 2896

Such a fabulous salad!

Just like that, it’s time to go get the kids from school! Have a great evening! 

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

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