143.0...Belated Birthday Shenanigans

It has been quite the busy past few days! I had such an amazing weekend but more on that in a moment. Let’s get caught up first. 

Dinner on Thursday night was fabulous. I made Ground Beef and Pasta Casserole (recipe coming). The whole thing was done in ONE pan!

IMG 8219

While the casserole was baking, I made a Caesar salad to go with it. I can’t wait to share the casserole recipe!

IMG 8220

Friday’s breakfast: 

IMG 8222

I dropped off the kids at school, and went to pick up Alicia for my annual belated birthday trip to Pelican Hill

IMG 8227

The Barbies were ready!! 

We stopped at Starbucks along the way for coffee and my breakfast #2:

IMG 8229

Reduced Fat Egg White & Turkey Bacon Sandwich.

We arrived at South Coast Plaza for some shopping. We met up with everyone at Quattro Cafe for lunch. 

IMG 8232

Barbies have lunch too!

IMG 8233

Alicia and I shared the Caesar Salad:

IMG 8234

As well as the Prosciutto E Arugula Pizza (my favorite!):

IMG 8236

IMG 8397

We did a bit more shopping then headed to the hotel to check in. Our room wasn’t quite ready yet so we enjoyed some cocktails in the lobby.

IMG 8396

We got dressed and headed to Okura Sushi for dinner. We shared Crispy Spicy Tuna (crispy rice cakes covered with spicy tuna topped with caramelized ginger):

IMG 8242

We also shared Dynamite Rock Shrimp (tempura battered then tossed with spicy tobiko-aioli and wonton chips (not pictured).

We also ordered two rolls: Hamachi Jalapeño Roll (spicy tuna and cilantro with hamachi, jalapeño, tobiko on top) and the Red Dragon Roll (shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado with spicy tuna):

IMG 8243

It was a really fabulous dinner!

Afterwards, we went back to Pelican Hill hotel because we had heard they had a DJ. The place was dead so we enjoyed one more drink before heading back to our rooms to go to bed. Before we left, we did manage to get a group photos!

IMG 8245

Breakfast Saturday was a bagel with onion and chive cream cheese:

IMG 8248

We got ready and hit the pool for the day! Lisa was also celebrating her belated birthday as well! 

IMG 8385

IMG 8342

IMG 8380

IMG 8374

IMG 8382

IMG 8383

IMG 8369

For lunch I had a Cobb salad.

IMG 8249

And a little birthday treat for dessert.

IMG 8299

IMG 8388

Dinner Saturday night was at Javier’s. Alicia and I shared the Ceviche Tostadas (our favorite thing on the menu):

IMG 8311

As well as the Enchiladas Pueblo (lobster enchiladas):

IMG 8312

The enchiladas were just ok. The ceviche tostadas always steal the show!

IMG 8344

I decided to forgo the flan birthday dessert, and head over to the Aqua Lounge at the Island Hotel. It was our friend’s Sumi’s 40th birthday and they were celebrating there so we joined them!

IMG 8318

IMG 8317

IMG 8348

IMG 8350

IMG 8358

IMG 8319

We danced until the place closed and had a ball! 

Sunday’s breakfast: 

IMG 8322

We headed back to the pool for a few hours. Alicia and I shared a spicy tuna roll, chips and salsa and ceviche tostadas for lunch.

IMG 8323

Eventually, it was time to head home. 

Alicia’s family and mine met for dinner at Pizza Rev. 

IMG 8324

Hit the spot for sure!

Ah Monday. You come so quickly. Breakfast was the usual.

IMG 8325

This Monday was a bit different than usual Mondays. It was my husband’s birthday and opening day at Petco Park! 

We met my brother and some friends at Titled Kilt for some drinks and snacks before heading into Petco Park to watch the Padres play the Dodgers.

IMG 8328

IMG 8330

During the game, I had Short Rib Tater Tot “Nachos”. 

IMG 8340

Pretty epic. Good thing I had my mini packets of Cholula on hand though!

At least I can say the food was good because the game was not. At least not for Padres fan. The Padres lost 15-0. Apparently we witnessed the worst opening day in Padres history. Lol.

Breakfast this morning. I was out of eggs! The horror!

IMG 8400

Had to resort to peanut butter on an English muffin. Don’t worry, I went to the store. Eggs will be reappearing tomorrow.

I took the kids to school and went to Cardio Strength class were I got my butt kicked. I needed it.

Lunch was a Seared Ginger Ahi Bowl at Green Spot Salad Company. 

IMG 8401

Still loving it!

 Are you rooting for a specific baseball team this year?

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  1. That looks like an epic birthday celebration! Go Royals!

  2. Definitely the Dodgers! What a great start to their season :P


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