Sunday, January 31, 2010

137.2 continued

This morning's breakfast was a Nutrigrain low fat waffle with peanut butter and a side of cantaloupe and pineapple:

Seriously...can someone help me with this sideways picture thing? It's rather irritating now. After breakfast I sat in my pj's and read blogs/email and did some laundry and not much else. Eventually I showered and got dressed. By then it was lunch time. I made my favorite tuna salad:

Afterwards, I went over to Lisa's guessed it....P90X. Woo hoo! Today was Yoga day. I felt good today and moved through it pretty smoothly. I actually was able to hold the "crane" pose for the first time today. True it was only for about three seconds but still! I will eventually get a picture of this and show you! I'm proud!

I came back and had a snack of Progresso Light Veggie soup with a piece of light wheat toast:

Then I sat around on the couch again. All of a sudden, both of my kids fell asleep on the couch at the same time. Hubby was out so I was able to watch all the Food Network I wanted without anyone saying anything. It was utter bliss.
We decided to go to our club for dinner. I ordered the sea bass. It came with Israeli couscous and steamed veggies and was out of this world! I loved every bite!

I also had a glass of Merlot. Perfect!

I didn't eat any of the kid's pizza, macaroni and cheese, french fries or ice cream. :) I'm gettin good at this huh? And........I took that Costco cake and put it in the trash. I was tired of it calling out to me every five minutes. Now it's where it belongs.....although I did set it upright in the trash so it could be retrieved if necessary. :)


Sorry for my absence! I've had a whirlwind of activity! I last left you on Friday afternoon. I went and got my nails/toes done and enjoyed some tea during my appointment:

When I came back, I had the other half of my soup and some light wheat bread:

Then it was off to meet my brother and his wife at Red Tracton's Restaurant in Solana Beach.

We enjoyed some Syrah and I started with a salad of greens and mushrooms with balsamic vinaigrette on the side:

Side note: I did not touch the bread basket although everyone was saying how good the bread was. :)
Dinner was Walleye Pike with a side of green beans. I had the fish blackened.

It was so good!!!!! Yes....I ate almost the entire thing. I loved it. Hubby ordered a slice of cheesecake and I did not have even one bite. That was hard. We came home and hit the hay!

Yesterday's breakfast was a repeat of the day before. I really love those blackberries!

I went over to Lisa's for the shoulders/arms and ab videos for P90X. I torched like 535 calories and it wasn't even cardio! We are on a roll! I came home and had a snack of an apple sprinkled with some cinnamon:

Then it was time to get ready for my daughter's birthday party. In between, I made another turkey and veggie wrap for lunch:
At the party, I had a vanilla latte that my brother in law was nice enough to get for me and that was pizza, no cake, no cheese and crackers, etc.
When we got back to the house, we unwrapped gifts and got all the food setup for my family who was coming over. I opened a bottle of Chardonnay:

I ate a few bits of things here and there: chips and dip, cracker and cheese, veggies and dip but I didn't go crazy.
For dinner I had some spaghetti and meatballs:

Again I avoided dessert. My other sister in law brought over this amazing chocolate cake from Costco and I wanted to attack it like a crazy animal. But I had restraint. I only licked the knife when I went to clean it....boy....that was some amazing cake. And now the cake is sitting in my kitchen staring at me. Cake anyone?

Friday, January 29, 2010


Another early post! We are going out yet again tonight for dinner with my brother and his wife so let's take care of business now. :)
Last night's dinner at Dolce Pane E Vino was so fun! Obvious from the rise in weight. :) It started out with the first of two glasses of chardonnay:

We started with some pizza bianca for the table. It was cheesy bread heaven:

Then we all had a slice of sausage pizza:

Then I had a mozzarella caprese salad. I poured more balsamic vinegar on top and devoured it. It was excellent!

Next up was a pizza with mushrooms, roasted garlic and goat cheese:

It was ok.....a little dry actually. I ordered a side of marinara to dip it in. I traded a slice of it for a slice of Dina's pizza. It had proscuitto and a cooked egg in the middle:

I liked this one better. My favorite is still the margherita pizza I had on Tuesday night. After all that carb delight, I came home and hit the hay!

I bought some beautiful blackberries from Costco yesterday so I decided to put them on some Fage yogurt with Fiber One cereal:

After dropping the kids at school, I went to Lisa's for the P90X Plyometrics video that I despise.
I was on a role this morning.....I burned 565 calories! Whew! That video kicks your butt. I went to get some more groceries for this weekend as well as pick up my daughter's birthday cake.
When I came home, I cleaned up and made lunch. A cup of Progresso light soup with a wrap made from a wheat tortilla filled with turkey, veggies and mustard:

Would you believe that this lunch was only 2 points!!!'s true!!! And it was filling and tasted great!!!! Love that! I've got to save as many points as possible for dinner tonight...not sure where we are going yet but I'm excited!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm posting early tonight because tonight is our Ladies Night Out so I probably won't post when I get home. I'm trying to eat lightly because I'd like to enjoy a yummy dinner tonight! Breakfast was my favorite two point option: Fage yogurt with Fiber One Cereal and strawberries.

Lately I've been brewing coffee while I'm eating my breakfast and taking it along with my when I take the kids to school. It takes about an hour round trip to drop them off at two different schools so it's the perfect time to enjoy my coffee.

Afterwards I went to Lisa's to do the chest/back and abs video for P90X. It went pretty smoothly...I think we are doing really well with this program! Lisa had these new baked Wheat Thins so I tried some....mistake. They are soooooo addictive and good! I couldn't stop eating them. I will NOT be buying any for myself!

Next it was off to Costco. My daughter's birthday party is this Saturday and we are having a lot of family over so I needed to get some party food. :) And some more peanut butter pretzels. :)

I came home and had a half a can of Progresso's Light Italian Style Meatball Soup:

It was ok. Just your standard veggie soup with bits of pasta and meat. For 1 point per cup, it will do! I also had a handful of peanut butter pretzels. :) Then it was off to Road Runner Sports to get new running shoes. I've always wanted to go there so I was excited. They had me walk across a sensor to see how my feet hit the ground. I also ran on a treadmill and my foot movement was videotaped. This way they could pick the shoes that fit my feet perfectly. And here they are:

My new Asics. I can't wait to try them out tomorrow!! I bought some new socks too. Mine were from Target and they were starting to get very old and worn out.

I just finished having the other half of my soup with a piece of wheat toast. Sorry no picture. I'm sitting here in hot rollers blogging away, getting excited to hang out with my girls tonight! We are going to the restaurant I went to a couple of nights ago: Dolce Pane E Vino. I'm excited to try some new stuff!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Breakfast was a good ole boring standby: Eggo Nutrigrain low fat waffle with Barney Butter and a side of cantaloupe.

I dropped the kids off at school and came home since today was my day off from P90X. Around the corner from my house I saw this:

Beautiful! I was so happy he stood still for me to take the picture!

My mom came down for the day so we went shopping. I had some birthday/bridal shower gifts to buy so we got those taken care of.
Lunch was at Bloomingdales. They keep changing the menu and getting rid of the things I like. :( I tried something new today: Blackened Sole over rice with veggies.

It was ok....a little boring and unsatisfying. :( I ended up having a fruit cup a few hours later:

When we got home I was still hungry so I had some peanut butter pretzels and some merlot:

I made some pasta with chicken and broccoli with a side of veggies for dinner:

And because I can't stop eating I had a handful of Junior Mints just now. Ugh. Now I'm done and will call it a night!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today was a day filled with delicious food! First up was a standard: Fage yogurt with Fiber One cereal and strawberries.

Took the kids to school and made my way over to Great News for cooking class. Today's class was on Savory Winter Stews. It was a perfect cold day for it too!

First recipe up was Brazilian Fish Stew with Coconut Milk, Tomatoes and Peppers:

Wow....this was really good!!! I wasn't sure when I first saw the description but this was a definite winner!

Next up was the Beef Stew with Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms and Dried Cherries:

Hmmm......if you read the blog a lot you know that I don't like fruit with "food." Desserts and breakfasts are one thing but not in anything else. So.....I was a huge fan of this. I like the beef and the stew part but I didn't like the bites that had cherries in it.

Next was Sausage, Chicken and Shrimp Stew with Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs:

This was really good. The sausage was spicy and I loved the shrimp and all the veggies. They served it with a scoop of rice.

The last stew was Pork and Orange Stew with Shiitake Mushrooms, Baby Carrots and Pearl Onions over Buttery Noodles:

Again....the orange thing didn't do it for me but otherwise I thought this was good.

Dessert was Cinnamon Almond Shortbread with Brown Sugar Vanilla-Macerated Dried Fruit:

This was a great combo! The shortbread was very cinnamon-y and I like the fruit in this one. :)

I picked up the kids from school, and then went over to Lisa's for P90X. I had to workout alone today because Lisa was working (I know I've mentioned it but she's an amazing photographer!). Today's video was Kenpo which I actually like. Lots of kicks and punches/jabs. It's relatively fun. :)

Afterwards I came home and changed and the hubby decided that we should go out to dinner. We made a New Year's resolution to have a date night once a week and tonight is our only opportunity for the week. I wanted to argue since I already ate so much at class, but I couldn't. How am I to say no to going out to eat? :) We went to a brand new restaurant nearby called Dolce Pane e Vino. It's a small restaurant that specializes in wines and flat bread pizzas. I started off with a basic mixed green salad. My picture didn't turn out but I'm sure you can use your imagination. :)
My entree was their Margherita Pizza. It was a very thin crust pizza and it was pretty tasty!

The funny thing is is that I will be eating here again on Thursday for our Ladies Night Out. :) I'm excited to try other things!

As if that weren't enough, we had a sweet tooth and decided to get frozen yogurt afterwards:
Enough is enough. I'm done. Over and out!

Monday, January 25, 2010

137.6 continued

Look at the sideways salad that I had for lunch!

Seriously....why do some of my pictures turn out like that? Regardless...the salad was great! I made tuna salad with light mayo, garlic salt, pepper, paprika, capers, red onions and celery and put in on top of a bed of greens with tomatoes, cucumber and a little balsamic vinegar. Perfection!

I picked up my son from school and took him to McDonald's for a treat. I had one too. :)

Then we picked up my daughter and headed home. Then it was off to the grocery store for the week's necessities.

Dinner was a recipe that I got off the Kraft website for Beef & Noodles with Fresh Vegetables:

It was pretty darn tasty!!!! I added a bunch of Sriacha to it. :) With two points left, I tried a Skinny Cow ice cream cone thing. The hubby loves these and I have never tried it.

Wow....they are really good! I'm impressed......great for a two point treat! Good night all!
*Correction: I just found out that the cones are 3 points. Oops.


Hello!! Did you miss me? Sorry for my absence....I had a great weekend!! Let's rewind back to Saturday. For breakfast I had Honey Nut Cheerios with almond milk and strawberries and a few cups of coffee.

I went over to Lisa's for some more P90X torture. We did the shoulders/arms video as well as our most hated video: ab ripper. Afterwards we made tuna salads for new favorite:

Then I came home and got dressed and packed and headed over to La Costa Resort & Spa to help Lisa celebrate her birthday!
Dina and I in our shared villa:

Everyone chipped in and made an Italian dinner. We had quite a spread:

My plate: salad, mozzarella caprese, penne with meat sauce and my stuffed shells:

Don't forget the dessert! I had a little taste of everything: cheesecake, brownie and mini cupcake:

We all got in our pj's and chatted for a bit and went to bed. The next morning, Lisa brought us all Starbucks coffees and bagels. I choose to enjoy mine in bed. Like how I blocked my morning face? :)

Then we all headed to the spa for the day. There was tons of jacuzzi, steam room and roman shower business going on. We all had lunch outside by the spa's pool. Amazing chicken salad:

I had some champagne too. :) It made my massage that much more enjoyable. :) I was sooooo relaxed.

Eventually, it was time to come home and resume normal life. I kept things easy and made whole wheat spaghetti with marinara for dinner with a bunch of extra veggies: guessed it...P90X time. It was yoga thank goodness. By the time I got home I was ready for bed!
Today's breakfast was an Eggo Nutrigrain low fat waffle with Barney Butter and strawberries:

I dropped the kids at school and went straight to Lisa's for MORE P90X. Today was legs and back and then the ab video from hell. Done. Yes!
And now I feel better because I'm up to date!